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Demeter & Persephone: Embodied Explorations of Ancient Myth

Course Enrollment is Closed. 

Instructor: Red K. Elders

Retreat Dates: TBA

Working with source material from the Homeric Hymn to Demeter, this is a three day online retreat offering experiential immersion into the rich mythology of Demeter and Persephone through guided somatic movement explorations, meditations and dreamwork.

Sold By : The Blackthorne School

Working the Names

Course Start Date: TBA

Instructor: Rev. Dr. Aaron Davis

“Working the Names” is a new course on ceremonial magic forms and mysticism connected to the 72 Shemhamphorash Angels of the Zodiac. Not only will you learn lesser-known ceremonial magic traditions of working with the 72 Shemhamforash Angels, but you will also learn to combine spirit-work with practical, results-oriented magic.

Sold By : The Blackthorne School

Good Grief: A Hoodoo-Inspired Way to Move Forward After Death Comes

The good grief hoodoo jack course is designed to give you tools and know-how related to grief and related end of life issues. You will learn a way to move through your grief with spiritual tools based on Dr. Aaron’s personal and professional hospice experience.

Sold By : The Blackthorne School

Sight Beyond Sight: The Black Man, Spirits of Prophecy and the Art of Divination

This Hoodoo Hack teaches a simple yet effective approach to divination by aligning oneself with a divinatory spirit to focus and enhance your divinatory practice.

Sold By : The Blackthorne School

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