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Intro to Traditional Witchcraft: A Self-Paced Journey to Living the Fairy Faith in Our Modern World

Course Enrollment Currently Open!

Instructor: Calahn de la Luna: Traditional Witch, Director, & Founder of The Blackthorne School.

Course Structure: Online, Small & “Bite-Sized” Lessons, Self-Paced. No FaceBook Group Required!

Date First Lesson Becomes Available: Monday, December 13th, 2021.

You’re an adult and you have a busy life! In our modern-day world full of demands, time-constraints, distractions, and people constantly needing a piece of …

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Modern Hetaera: Paganism, Eros, Magic

Course Enrollment is Open!

Course Start Date: November 29th, 2021

Instructor: Jessica Grote

Online Course Length: 8 Weeks – *Please note that some payment plans can extend beyond the duration of the course in order to accommodate various student budgets.

Join us in a celebration of Life and Eros! Explore a distinct pagan world experience centered around erotic connections. Instructor Jessica Grote will …

Sold By : The Blackthorne School

Working the Roots: Introduction to Rootwork

Course Enrollment is Open!

Course Start Date: December 6th, 2021

Instructor: Rev. Dr. Aaron Davis

Online Course Length: 8 Weeks

Hoodoo. Rootwork. Conjure.

Each of these names references a remarkable and distinctly American magical system rooted in West African Congo spirituality. The original spiritual practices of the enslaved Africans were disrupted by American slavery – but not destroyed. Like the Africans themselves, the magical …

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The Dalix Working

The Dalix Working is a complete ritual instruction and occult report of the means by which Robin Artisson- himself a long time student of the Black Book tradition of Scandinavian sorcery- put into practice and effect an ancient working to obtain financial gain and security.

From an early modern spell Called “The Skill of Receiving and Having Luck with Money” in …

Sold By : The Blackthorne School

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