The Blackthorne School

Welcome! I’m Calahn de la Luna (pronounced “kuh-LAWN”), founder and director of The Blackthorne School. I am also a Traditional Witch and practitioner of premodern British sorcery. (*cue mysterious gong*) 

It has been a dream of mine long in the making to develop an eldritch school for witches and sorcerers as a way to give you a great gift: the gift of solid, evocative, life-changing instruction in sorcerous and witchcraft practice. This is a school where form meets function, where mystic experience goes hand in hand with modern life and all of its demands. What sorts of practices can be the catalyst for deep transformation, for directly connecting with the spirits, for remarkably and undeniably empowering you as a practitioner? Those are exactly the sorts of practices that I and my group of wise instructors teach at The Blackthorne School.

Thank you for your interest in my work and school. May you find whatever it is you are looking for and so much more. +