We are really excited for you to join us for the Hail Hekate course! We are excited to introduce you to the instructor, share materials, hear questions, and help you connect with fellow classmates.

This course has two components:

  • An optional (yet highly recommended!) Facebook group where you will find course documents and supporting materials in the Files section and can share, ask questions, comment, and discuss course material.
  • Your account on www.TheBlackthorneSchool.com where you can log in and access any course videos.

How To Join the Facebook Group

PLEASE request to join the group and answer the questions and an admin or moderator will let you in, ESPECIALLY if your FaceBook name is different than the name with which you enrolled!

Please also send Veronica Blackthorne, our support admin, and the instructor Jack Grayle friend requests via Facebook so we can be available to help you with Facebook-related nuttiness, if necessary.

Veronica Blackthorne | Facebook

Jack Grayle | Facebook

Our director, Calahn de la Luna, would also love to get to know you and share all kinds of fun and free occult-related information with you! Calahn welcomes your friend request:

Calahn de la Luna | Facebook

If at any point you need support with anything related to finances, tech support, getting added to the FaceBook group, or general questions about how to access course material, please contact: support@theblackthorneschool.com. Please let us know if you have any questions. We look forward to sharing this experience with you!


Jack, Calahn, & Veronica