Ancestral Sorcery: The Blessings of Those Who Came Before Us

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Whether you are just beginning an ancestral veneration practice, or you’ve had one for a while: this class is for you. Deep and lasting relationship with your kin in the otherworld is your birthright! And as a practitioner of magic (new or experienced), ancestral connection is a key to taking your practice to a new level. This class teaches you a framework for syncing with that which sings with your blood, bond, spirit, and ancestral memory… and then takes it a step further with ancestral sorcerous techniques that can be incorporated into any practice. Build your own ancestral practice with a framework that’s been tried and tested! By the end of the course you’ll have:

–A safe and robust framework for your own personal ancestral veneration practice
–Develop an ancestral shrine
–Identify your Ancestral Court
–Identify and begin working with your Ancestral Guardian
–Develop forms of ancestral divination
–Various spells and ancestral sorcerous techniques
–A working ancestral grimoire and a new family tradition
–And much more!

Lessons are pre-recorded and released weekly for 13 weeks, so you can complete the course at your convenience. Supplies are simple and often found in your pantry!




Ancestral Sorcery: The Blessings of those who came before us

Ancestral Sorcery was designed using tried and tested teachings of a surviving linage of ancestral magic practitioners. The framework provided to the student is intended to be used as a template. This groundwork will awaken the connection that you have with your Court, while also providing effective magical rituals and spells for you to add and use as inspiration for the Growth of your own Path.

Each week includes recorded lessons and ritual/spell handouts for you to practice and adapt with the guidance and teaching of your Ancestral Court. You’ll have Asphodelo to help you troubleshoot any questions, and your fellow classmates to chat with–empowering you to build a robust practice that works for you!

By the end of this class, you will have a working grimoire of magic unique to you and your own path, which you can continue to build on and hand down to your own family. You can build the foundations of a family tradition today.

Course Itinerary – What you will learn each week

Week 1: What and Who are the Ancestors?: In this week we discuss the concepts of Spirit Anatomy, Psychic potential and discuss the Voice of Ancestors and What types of Spirits we are interacting with.

Week 2: Calling the Ancestors: This week we build a framework of ritual to call your ancestors, singing to them the Song of Blood, Bone and Spirit. To call the Court and awaken the bonds that you share with your Kindly Ones.

Week 3: Casting Cards: This week now that you have heard the Voices of your Ancestors, you can build a divination tool to talk with them. For this purpose we will be working through a playing card Divination system that you can refine and customise through your experience.

Week 4: Establishing Ancestral Shrine: Building from the practice of the previous week you will begin to build a Shrine to act as an Anchor and Touch-stone for your Ancestors.

Week 5: Ancestral Healing: Discussing concepts of Ancestral Trauma and examples of healing techniques that the individual can work through for personal growth and development.

Week 6: Awakening the Dead and Awakening a Plant Ally: A large week of ritual exploration and song the first of which being an awakening for the spirits of your Ancestors, the second being an awakening of a chosen plant companion and Ally for you to build a bond with.

Week 7: Scrying: An exploration of ritualised scrying using the mediums of flame, smoke, water or stone to commune with your Ancestors directly.

Week 8: Household Guardian: A ritual to build a ‘House’ for a dedicated Ancestral Guardian. An elevated Kindly One who will guard your home on all levels.

Week 9: Ancestors as Intermideadies: Further ritual to empower the Kindly Ones to act as intermidaries for the sorcerer in magical and worldly work.

Week 10: Opening the Ways: Techniques to road-open oportunities and break old patterns, utilizing your Ancestors and Allies.

Week 11: Money, Job and Financial Magic: Magic tailored to the material needs of the individual, again utilizing the resources and support of your Ancestors and Allies.

Week 12: Love, Glamour and Favour: Magic enhance the charm and favour of the individual, wrapped in the safety and discernment of the Ancestral court.

Week 13: Curse technology and Breaking: Exploration of curse tecniqiues, ‘Masking’ in operations and methods to break and dismantle curses or bindings, with the assistance of your Ancestral Court.

Course Materials Needed 

Red wine, honey, red and white roses, rose Water, cinnamon, mint, parsley, and other assorted optional herbs. Afresh set of playing cards, candles (white, black, red), a plant to grow and care for in a pot that is interesting to you.

Course Info

The course will take place over 13 weeks and include video presentations and detailed text documents. In addition, students will receive group consultations with Asphodelo, and will have the option of customizing course assignments to their specific path in order to gain a lasting, personal experience.

After registering for the course, we will add you to a private FaceBook group along with the other students in this course. We’ve found this is a great way to share your journey in this course together.

Course Pre-Requesites 

None.  This is designed for all ages and stages and can be tailored to the needs of the students.  It Please feel free to contact The Blackthorne School if you have questions

About the Instructor

Asphodelo has been a Professional Psychic/Medium for 13 years. He grew up in an ancestral tradition of magic and has actively studied and practised various traditions of the occult for 18 years, with a profound emphasis on animistic and spirit models of magic. Ash embraces the path of the Psychopomp and seeks to bring harmony and connection between Practitioners and their Court of Spirits.