Intro to Traditional Witchcraft: A Self-Paced Journey to Living the Fairy Faith in Our Modern World

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Instructor: Calahn de la Luna: Traditional Witch, Director, & Founder of The Blackthorne School.

Course Structure: Online, Small & “Bite-Sized” Lessons, Self-Paced. No FaceBook Group Required!

Date First Lesson Becomes Available: Immediately upon purchase.

You’re an adult and you have a busy life! In our modern-day world full of demands, time-constraints, distractions, and people constantly needing a piece of us, sometimes you want something just for you that offers a weekly little tidbit of wisdom and inspiration to propel you forward on your spiritual path that also magically somehow fits into your wild and constantly-changing schedule. This course is EXACTLY what you’ve been looking for!

In this brand-new revamp of Calahn’s beloved formerly 13-week journey into developing and building a personal practice of Traditional Witchcraft, Calahn has broken that course down into numerous smaller, “bite-sized” lessons. One shorter lesson is released once per week, but you are able to work at your own pace without feeling the need to keep up with a group or have an instructor “keeping tabs” on you.

This one-of-a-kind course consists of prerecorded videos, documents, articles, and projects to complete before continuing to your next lesson. Once you are a student of the course, you will have indefinite access to course videos and materials so you can enjoy the course content again and again.

This course is unique in that it does NOT include a private cohort-only FaceBook group. Instead there will be a highly optional FaceBook group of many of Calahn’s former and current students who have or currently are studying these materials and continue to interact in the group, even long after the course is over. It is our hope that the group will become a group of sweet community as well as one of the best informational resources out there on Traditional Witchcraft. For those without FaceBook, not to worry! Calahn is also available via email to answer questions on course-related content, if needed. You will do just fine taking this course without any FaceBook group.

You will have access to course videos and materials so you can enjoy the course content again and again at your own pace for the duration of the life of the school.

Message us on the Contact Form if you have any questions. We hope you’ll join us!


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Why You Should Take This Course

Have you ever longed to experience a deeper connection with nature and the spirit world? To practice magic and the sorcerous arts? To learn and do what the witches of old performed in their moonlit rituals?

Look no further! Calahn de la Luna is here to show you how to begin or deepen your walk upon the Crooked Path! By light of Full Moon and warmth of your own hearth, you can learn how to practice Traditional Witchcraft from the comfort of your own home in a modern context.

Today’s world full of technology provides us the perfect platform for you to access rare instruction in Traditional Witchcraft from anywhere around the globe at your own pace. The course will also provide you the kick in the pants to interact with nature in your local environment, and turn your book learning into hands-on practice.

Learn to communicate with spirits, make offerings to deities, and commune with the spirits of the land in this deceptively simple yet profound course that demystifies complex practices. Gain the benefits of learning alongside dedicated students, sharing experiences and questions, as well as creating community with like-minded practitioners!

Intro to Traditional Witchcraft is well-suited to both beginners and other learners seeking to “fill in the gaps.”  Practitioners will be guided in ways to gain an invaluable understanding of the weird and crooked path of Witchcraft and Sorcery. The lens of this course is pre-Christian in scope and practice. 

Some Topics Covered

~What is Sorcery? Traditional Witchcraft?

~The Witch’s Worldview & Spiritual Ecology

~Developing Sorcerous Senses

~The Faces of Pre-modern British Sorcery: Deities

~All about Spirits, Spirit Work, & Spirit Communication

~Level Up Your Offerings & Devotionals “A-Game”

~Protection, Binding, & Curses

~Charms & Spellcrafting

~Lunar, Solar, & Planetary Cycles

~Special Project in Sorcery

What to Expect

Our self-paced version of Intro to Traditional Witchcraft takes the original 13-week course and breaks it down into small, “bite-sized” lessons* with one new lesson released every week.

*Number of lessons TBA. Course will include all of the original information of the original course.

Do you still have questions?  Send us a message!

About the Instructor

Calahn de la Luna, founder of The Blackthorne School, is a Traditional Witch and practitioner of pre-modern British sorcery as well as being a poetess and an artist. Calahn’s practice is heavily centered around working with the spirits of the land and the elements, and is deeply animistic. She also works in Greek and folk currents.

Her mission is to help students find a more direct path to learning and growth, and to make superior quality learning available to practitioners around the globe in a way that is both refined and artful in presentation.

Calahn makes her home in beautifully lush and hilly Northwest greater Chicagoland, Illinois USA  with her husband and two extremely needy yet endearing Maine Coon rescue cats. 

Student Reviews

“Though I’ve been an occultist for many years, I decided to take this course as a way to return to the basics after feeling a bit stalled out in my practice. Honestly, I expected a simple refresher or perhaps to learn a few new things. Instead, this course totally changed how I engage with spirits for the better in ways I am still benefiting from today.

The course starts at ground zero and very little in the way of prior preparation is needed. The material builds up knowledge and practical application in very manageable steps. Though you will need to work (there will be plenty of reading and practical exercises to try), it’s all very doable and accessible. And by the time you’re done, you’ll have a strong grounding in both the theory AND the practice of traditional witchcraft.

Yes, you can learn a lot on your own, but it was game-changing to have a community of other sorcerously-inclined individuals to learn with, who were engaging the same material at the same time. And there’s no replacement for having a mentor when learning – especially one as wise, patient, and talented as Calahn. I would recommend this course to anyone, whether you’re a total beginner or an experienced occultist looking to reboot a stale practice.” -J L

“Calahn de la Luna’s Blackthorne School presents elegantly-conceived teachings by some of the smartest and brightest scholar-practitioners working, writing, and making magic today, such as Jack Grayle and Lee Morgan. The directrix herself is an excellent teacher whose own instruction in foundational practices of premodern British sorcery is very ably imparted to the contemporary student. Calahn’s Intro to Traditional Witchcraft is a pithy and efficient entry to a potent path–I was no beginner when I took the class, but nonetheless found fresh insights there, and highly recommend it to novice and adept alike!” -SF

Additional information

Instructor Bio

Calahn de la Luna is the director and founder of The Blackthorne School and is a practitioner of premodern British Sorcery, with some additional influences from Hellenic magic and Sabbatic Craft. Calahn is also a member of the Covenant DeSavok, a sorcerous society devoted to the practice of early modern witchcraft and spiritual-ecological exploration of the hidden reaches of the living world, and the Unseen. Calahn is currently writing her first book, a comprehensive work on Traditional Witchcraft and sorcery.

Course Requirements

No experience in witchcraft or sorcery is required for this course, however, practitioners of varying levels of skill are welcome. Please contact The Blackthorne School if you have questions as to the appropriateness of fit of the course with your level of experience and learning goals.