Regional Witchcraft: The Riddle of Place (Part 1)

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A 7 week online course taught by Lee Morgan, author of A Deed without A Name: Unearthing the Legacy of Traditional Witchcraft.


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Why You Should Take this Course

A lot has happened since I first offered the original course ‘The Riddle of Place: Bioregional Practice in Witchcraft’. A being whose experience is difficult to fully imagine, who we know as the novel virus Covid19, has put a lot of people through a crash course in how we’re connected, both to each other and other animals. With the experiences of 2020 taken into account I have expanded and amended some of the original course, dividing it into two parts, one dealing with the magical dimension of existing in place, the other with using witchcraft to carve out extra resilience in a changing world. 

What You Will Learn:

  • Discover and build arcane pacts with the land and its spirits.
  • Explore the heart of the witch through service to your immediate environment and the local dance of belonging and non-belonging.
  • Expand your lived experience of animism: breaking down the distinction between ‘things’ and ‘beings,’ and experimenting with the boundaries of beinghood including the beinghood of viruses.
  • Map lines of power that fuel the witch’s flight through identifying significant trees, burial grounds, crossroads, places with supernatural stories or happenings attached to them, how and where to place offerings to best effect.
  • Perform a large working towards experiencing the Crossroads Moment: stepping out of historical time, and into the mythic time in which the land dreams with us.
  • Enchanted Walks: building story with place through divinatory walking and entertaining multiple stories about place at once.

One of the powerful things about the popularity of Traditional Witchcraft has been an increased focus on local practices, folklore, and bio-regional magic. The cunning practices that were absorbed into today’s traditions developed in a geographical location, through people interacting with an Otherworld shaped by specific environments with both qualities and history. Whilst it is difficult or impossible to replace the organic development of such practices with book learning, this course aims to stimulate people to bring their witchcraft into place in a deeper way, to connect with the stories in the land, to find an nurture local holy places, to work for the health of one’s self and bioregion as one animal.

A little on how witchcraft will inform this journey: we will look at the fundamentals of the witchcraft narrative and how it belongs nowhere and everywhere, on the fringes of other cultural systems and husbanding their edges. This exploration of the witch will help us to find ourselves in Place as an exile who is also most necessary to the spiritual ecosystem. We will explore the Other Country the witch belongs to and its connection to parallel or contradictory stories of place, benevolence/malevolence/ambivalence towards the city or town inside the hedges. Discover the story of your place and how witchcraft emerges through the cracks in the usual narrative of history, coaxed out by the hands of its outcasts.

Course Information

Course content will be released once per week for seven weeks.  Content will be sent via written modules supported with some videos.  In addition, students will receive private consultations with Lee Morgan through FaceBook, and will have the option of customizing course assignments to their specific path in order to gain a lasting, personal experience.

After registering for the course, we will add you to a private FaceBook group along with the other students in this course.  We’ve found this is a great way to share your journey in this course together.

To offer affordable classes to as many students as possible, we offer a variety of payment plans.  Some of these payment plans may extend past the course finish date.

Course Prerequisites

We ask that students have at minimum an intermediate level of experience in witchcraft, sorcery, or ceremonial magic. Please contact us if you have questions as to the appropriateness of fit of the course for you.

In addition, you will need a Facebook account to be added to the private Facebook group.

Instructor Bio

Lee Morgan lives on a woodland property with a homesteading community in the mountains in Tasmania where he is learning and applying permaculture principles and moving towards greater self-sufficiency. Living in a cabin with no electricity and garnering all his hot water from solar and wood from his own property is only the beginning but is all a deep part of where this course is coming from. This undertaking to walk his talk, intertwined with his twenty years of practice in Traditional Witchcraft places Lee in a position to speak to this topic both in a practical and esoteric level. No matter where you are on the long journey home to belonging amid the web of life, whether your situation is close to or far from the natural world, this course will take your hand and lead you deeper. Lee is the author of a number of books on Traditional Witchcraft including: A Deed Without A Name: Unearthing the Legacy of Traditional Witchcraft, Standing and Not Falling: A Sorcerous Primer in Thirteen Moons, and Sounds of Infinity.

What Former Students Have Said About Lee’s Teaching

I took Lee Morgan’s “Riddle of Place” course in fall 2019, and it had an immense, transformative effect on my craft. It was the medicine I needed at that time and I continue to work through the material because, as with all of Lee’s work, it is dense and rich. This was not a barrier, though, as Lee makes the course material approachable and breaks it down into actionable steps. If you are looking for support in more deeply connecting with the spirit of place, with the forces and allies of your bioregion, this course is for you.” -Orion Evenstar

“In the fields of sorcery and witchcraft, one can become easily overwhelmed with all the options of study and direction. I’ve taken numerous courses, read many books, but few have had the impact that Lee Morgan’s “The Riddle of Place” course has had on me. With a focus on animism and interrelation, I would suggest this course for any practitioner, whether they’re just starting out on the Crooked Path, or have had years of experience. This class gave me the tools and techniques to dive into a much deeper relationship with the bioregion of which I’m a part and that has only strengthened my spiritual and magical practices. Lee’s years of experience shine through in each week’s lessons and the corresponding assignments helped to open my eyes and my senses to the great web in which I live and work and how that helps to strengthen my sorcerous pursuits. Lee is an attentive tutor, with the innate motivation to help you not only learn from experience but to take that experience and wisdom to help you build a stronger relationship with the land of which you’re a part. Through this course, you will find the Riddle of Place not only provides answers and solutions to pertinent questions of our broken, modern time…it will help you find Home.” -Josh Simonds,