Advanced Scrying Laboratory: A Practicum

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Welcome to the Scrying Laboratory! This is a newer Blackthorne School class, being offered for the second time for a limited amount of students. Learners will be working with in-depth opportunities for esoteric listening, presented and studied step by step, over the course of six to eight months. The principal purpose behind the class is to encourage the practitioner into places they may have previously thought were too uncomfortable to visit without some help.

The course will comprise short videos and/or written exercises posted bi-weekly alternating with bi-weekly Zoom sessions. Most of the student interactions will take place in a dedicated, private Discord group. The class will have a very limited student group for maximum attention and interaction.


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Why You Should Take this Course

This unique experiential laboratory is designed to both aid you in tuning up your scrying abilities as well as equipping you to participate in experimental exploration and occult research. This is a class that will challenge you to explore new techniques, relate to new ideas and to develop your own paths and practices.

Join well-known occultist Harper Feist in a groundbreaking hands-on experience of adventuring into the “uncharted territories” of scrying and spiritual praxis. From the container Harper expertly creates, you will improve your comfort and skill level while being supported and guided by Harper and her chosen co-mentor.

In this intimate, 6-8 month intensive you will build close community with a small number of moderately experienced students in scrying. This ambitious group of participants will be ready to embark on an adventure and are eager to learn. Class participation is important and expected here – you can’t learn to do this work if you don’t practice. It’s emphatically not a theory-driven class.
Because we will all be extending ourselves appreciably, some results will be very strange, and other times things will not work the first time. In order to encourage unfiltered participation, the class will be held on Discord.

The new cohort of this class is back only because of the request of the students. It’s not impossible that this class will be held again, but it will only ever be at the behest of potential students. Due to the highly innovative and experimental nature of the course, we cannot give an exact duration for the class (thus, it is charged per month). Ideally, a community of occult explorers will be created who will continue to work and research together for years to come! (Don’t worry, we won’t charge you for years, lol.)

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that you won’t want to miss!

Course Outline

First two months – reviewing and turbo-charging exercises from the foundational class. These exercises will initially be presented in a way that will be familiar to most of the participants, and then revisited after some instruction in breathing and focusing techniques. The first two months will represent the “weirdification” of the participant’s spiritual reality, and will take the lid off, so to speak, to prepare them for the results of summoning.

Second four months – Examining several different types of spiritual contact/connection as opportunities to encounter the invisible world. This will include scrying objects and places, as well as classic Solomonic conjuration, Trithemius’ Drawing Spirits into Crystals, traditional witchcraft trance work, Reclaiming-style aspecting, as well as other requested by the participants.

During these last months, we will examine the impact of various helping technologies to enhance spiritual encounters, such as purification rites, use of sleep deprivation, mantra, and ritual bathing.
Participants will be asked to document their work and help process others’ in the dedicated and private Discord group so that all students can learn from each other’s efforts.

Course Prerequisites

We ask that students have taken and completed Harper’s first course Scrying: A Course in Esoteric Awareness. We will accept a small number of participants who have a similar level of comfort with scrying from other experiences; these will be admitted after an interview.

Please contact Harper Feist if you have questions as to the appropriateness of fit of the course for you.

In addition, you will need a Discord account to be added to the private Discord group. Help will be offered to those unfamiliar with the platform.

Instructor Bio

Harper Feist has been interested in the intersection of magick, medicine and science for most of her life. She has a history in Anderson-style feri/faeri and facilitating large Reclaiming-style rituals. She is especially interested in the scrying role in the context of ceremonial magick and in more ad hoc spirit workings, having taken part in many workings involving both chthonic and celestial spirits. She is currently in service to Hekate and Typhon.

She is a also member of the Ordo Templi Orientis and is the most recent past-Master of the local body, Leaping Laughter Lodge, in Minneapolis MN, USA. She has been the principal interviewer for the O.T.O. U.S. Grand Lodge’s official podcast, “Thelema Now,” since 2016, and has given presentations at the OTO National meetings (NOTOCON) in both 2017 and 2023 (topics: Scrying with the Body and the Cross of the Frog ritual, respectively). She has also presented on a variety of topics at the Magickal Women Symposium (2019), Paganicon and Trans States (2022), and is scheduled to speak at both HekateFest and Symposium Khthonia in November 2023.

A.) “Wheels of Divine Influence: The Iynx and the Strophalos,” Hadean Press, Conjure Codex V 2022.
B.) “An Explanation of the Illumination in the Hagia Sophia’s Original Dome,” Appendix II in Sanctum of Kronos” Spiritual Dissent in an Age of Tyranny, Peter Mark Adams, Scarlet Imprint, 2022.
C.) “The Triune Nature of Mary” essay, anticipated release date late 2023, Araxes Press in an anthology devoted to the Triple Goddess.
D.) “Hekate Ochetos: The Passage” essay anticipated release date, late 2023, Theion Publishing, an individual pamphlet.
E.) Io Typhon: A Hymnal, anticipated release date, November 2023, Grayle Press.
F.) Devotional poetry to Hekate: at least one poem per issue of Katabasis: A Journal of Hekatean Devotion and Scholarship.

Harper is also under contract to both Llewellyn and Theion Publishing to submit book manuscripts in 2024, one focused on scrying and the other on ritual innovation, respectively.