Serve and Protect: Hoodoo Hacks for Protection


This Mini-Hack incorporates Hoodoo, Braucherei/Powwow, and Solomonic magic from the 6th and 7th Books of Moses to provide a moderately complex self-protection system. The structure of the Mini-Hack centers around the conjuration of a specific set of spirits and then builds its arcana around cultivating a sorcerous relationship with them. This course is organized along the elemental lines of Spirit, Earth, Air, Water and Fire.

The first section, “Spirit,” teaches you how to conjure the Spirits of Mars as well as how to work with these spirits apart from the rituals and workings to follow. Each subsection will also reflect on incorporating what is presented with the Martian Spirits. The second section of “Earth” deals with creating extra-strength mojos, protective herbal workings, and fresh herb cleanses. The third section, “Air,” addresses air-based tools to clean and reinforce our auras and spiritual selves. The “Water” section explores the value of water and bathing as part of a spiritual discipline. The “Fire” brings us full circle with the Spirits of Mars, utilizing fire as a protective tool in such rituals as defensive candle work.

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46 page PDF & 27 minutes of video content