Speak Thoth! Ancient Egyptian Magic in the Modern World

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Join Reverend Zemaemidjehuty, founder of The Church of Flesh and Feather, for an in-depth look into the realm of ancient Egyptian magic (or heka) and spirituality.  This class will introduce you to the fundamental elements of ancient Egyptian magical utterance, theurgic literature, and religious devotion and teach you how to build your own praxis in the modern world venerating your own patron deity.

This course will take place over 13 weeks and devotion specifically to Thoth is not necessary as this class will work to help you identify your patron deity if the need is expressed.  This class will include pre-recorded videos so you can progress at your own pace, downloadable word documents containing hymns, spells, and recipes, live Zoom conferences for discussion and questions, and access to a community Facebook page to share personal experiences, devotional materials, and original art.  Each cohort will have a completely unique experience and will aim to build a community of Netjerists.  


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Why You Should Join this Course

Enter the world of Ancient Egypt and return with a deep and contemporized modern practice! In this class we’re going to explore the framework of ancient Egyptian magic, which can be applied to any of today’s spiritual and magical practices.

Together we’ll explore ancient Egytian gods and magic, and follow them through time. Learn about how influential esoteric Egypt has been on the world at large, and what that can teach us about our modern practices.

Take note of how even in going back in time, Egyptian praxis was steeped in creativity, art, writing, dance, music, and performance. Discuss and experiment with ways that you can embrace that in your own personal praxis!

Through the understanding of the nature, functions, and powers of the voice in Egyptian praxis, you’ll be able to call, invoke or channel any deity or spirit. Mastery of this core skill can also help you perform deeper theurgy, and create a stronger magical thread through your life.

Having an honorable home to our patron deities and spirits is an essential part of Ancient (and modernized) Egyptian magic. During class you’ll learn how to maintain Netjerist shrine and deepen your relationship with Netjer therein.

By the end you’ll be able to perform multiple forms of divination (both ancient and modern), craft your own amulets and phylacteries, and receive a Book of Glorifications. The Book of Glorifications will be compiled by each cohort as a book of our written hymns, dreams, recipes, and more!

This class will be a lot of fun and I, Reverend Zemmi, am very much looking forward to experiencing it with you! Nekhtet!

About Me! The Instructor

I’m Zemaemidjehuty (Reverend Zemmi) and founder of The Church of Flesh and Feather, Tehuti’s modern temple in the American Midwest. I publish books of devotion and heka with Theion Publishing, leads group rituals, lectures, and broadcasts a live devotional every week through The Church of Flesh and Feather’s Facebook page.

Course Pre-Requisites

In order to offer the most comprehensive and effective learning process, we ask that students have at minimum an intermediate level of experience in witchcraft, sorcery, or ceremonial magic. Please contact us if you have questions as to the appropriateness or fit of the course for you.

Course Outline

Week 1:  Introduction-what to expect 

Week 2:  Heka- its purpose, uses, and nature 

Week 3:  Sleep Temple- discussion of dreams and beginning recording dreams

Week 4:  The Names of Thoth

Week 5: Chaos-Sutekh vs. Ap*phis 

Week 6:  Creation and the Use of Narrative 

Week 7: Body and Soul 

Week 8: Tools

Week 9:  Holy Days

Week 10: Amulets, and Execretion

Week 11: Divination- aHt (mound)

Week 12: Laws of Ma’at and Principles of Netjerism

Week 13: Conclusion-Presentation of “The Book of Glorifications”


“I had a divination reading with Rev. Zemmi. The information presented was spot-on in terms of my spiritual walk, development and struggles. But it did not end there. Zemmi proceeded to forthrightly tell me what I needed to know, how the spirits were moving in my life, and gave spiritual prescription for continued progress. I am very finicky about who I go to for readings. I would book another reading with him in a heartbeat, so I can only imagine how amazing this class will be!!!” -Dearthrice DeWitt