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Individualized spiritual mentorship and life coaching can be one of the fastest ways to supercharge your growth and development as a spiritual practitioner. It can be a means to help you reach your goals, take actionable steps to live the life you’ve always wanted, and learn to thrive.

Mentorship can change that gnawing feeling of wanting something more into becoming a skillful practitioner who fully embodies and artfully wields one’s power.

Calahn has extensive knowledge and training in the art of personal transformation. Trained originally as an art therapist and psychotherapist, Calahn skillfully and compassionately applies the fruits of her knowledge of the human psyche to her work as a mentor, spiritual guide, and life coach.

Calahn’s superpower is helping to take people from surviving to thriving, utilizing spiritual techniques, psychological research on transformation, creative modalities, and life coaching skills. Along the way she provides warm & empathic support, creative brainstorming, arts-based and/or spiritual exercises to assist in breaking out of “stuckness,” as well as benevolent guidance.

To learn how Calahn does bookings, please read the FAQs section below.

For more information, or to discuss rates, please contact Calahn. She is happy to answer your questions.

Consultations are booked only after personal communication with Calahn. Please do not purchase before confirming rightness of fit with her as well as a date, time, and rate.

In order to complete your booking that you have pre-scheduled, select the rate you and Calahn have agreed upon below.

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Q: How do I book a mentoring or coaching session with Calahn?

A: To book a mentoring or coaching session with Calahn, there are three steps you must complete in sequential order:

  1. Send Calahn an email sharing a paragraph about you, your spiritual path, and what your goals are for mentorship and/or coaching.
  2. Upon Calahn’s confirmation of the rightness of fit* for her services, you will coordinate via email a meeting date and time.
  3. Book on this page the rate and amount of time you’ve agreed upon with Calahn.

To make her services accessible to people of varying incomes, when she is able, she offers a sliding scale. She also accepts higher than market value “benefactor” rates from those who wish to greater support the work of Calahn and/or the School, or who wish to subsidize the rates of those who cannot afford to pay full price.

Q: What is a coaching or mentoring session with Calahn like?

A: Coaching and mentoring sessions are different than a structured course. While Calahn is able to create a personalized learning plan for you depending on your goals and needs, sessions are more open-ended, like a conversation with a wise friend who has your best interests at heart, reminds you of your goals, and helps equip you with actionable steps.

Some sessions can be more free-flowing and unplanned, while others may target specific goals, information you desire to learn, or present skills or techniques for you to try.

Calahn tailors each session to your exact needs, personal style, and preferences, and asks detailed questions when getting to know you to help her determine the best course of action.

Calahn encourages and welcomes feedback from you about sessions and checks in regularly about where you are in your process and how your needs might be changing and evolving as is normal in the personal transformative process.

Q: How do you know the rightness of fit? Does that mean I might get rejected?

A: The rightness of fit for Calahn’s services is determined by many different factors. Calahn is highly skilled in identifying the needs of people seeking these services, and does not want to waste anyone’s time or money if the service is not the right match. This has nothing to do with personal “likeability” and is not a rejection of you. It is more of a “I don’t have the appropriate skillset to best serve you at this time–how about you try doing (insert recommended approach here) and let’s talk after you do that to see if you are ready for some coaching or mentoring. Calahn is very aware of her skillset and for personal ethical reasons will not mentor or coach clients who she is not confident her services will significantly benefit.

In the event that it is determined that Calahn’s services are not right for you at this time, she is 99% of the time able to refer you to the type of service indicated for you and has a glorious network of skilled professionals to whom she refers.


Calahn de la Luna is the Director and founder of The Blackthorne School. In addition to her duties running the School, she is a Traditional Witch and practitioner of pre-modern British sorcery with extensive knowledge of many diverse folk magical and other spiritual traditions.

Calahn’s practice is heavily centered around working with the spirits of the land and the elements, and is deeply animistic. She also works in Greek and folk currents.

Her mission is to help students find a more direct path to learning and growth, and to make superior quality learning available to practitioners around the globe in a way that is both refined and artful in presentation.

A highly creative person, Calahn enjoys being a watercolor painter, poetess, and artist of many other media.

Calahn makes her home in a beautifully lush and hilly Northwest Chicago, Illinois USA suburb and is exceedingly lucky to have the companionship of two extremely needy yet endearing Maine Coon rescue cats.

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