STAR PRAXIS: Ancient Astrology for Modern Witches

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Finally tackle the intimidating, yet vital, occult topic of ancient astrology in a hands-on class specifically designed for witches. Unravel the mysteries of your birth chart, map out your year ahead with predictive techniques, easily come up with accurate planetary correspondences for your magical and mundane life, increase the efficacy of your magic with celestial timing, and develop a personal relationship with the planets and stars. This is an absolute beginner’s class that brings the cosmos to life!

Lessons are pre-recorded and released weekly for 13 weeks, so you can complete the course at your convenience. Amaya will hold weekly Zoom calls to answer questions and go over charts.



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STAR PRAXIS: Ancient Astrology for the Modern Witch

Star Praxis was designed specifically to reveal the living cosmos through your daily existence, as the ancients would have learned astrology during Hellenistic times. Forget about the modernized (non-witch-friendly) way of learning astrology that’s overwhelming, too theoretical, and dry-we’re getting hands-on and personal!

Discover the rich and beautifully conceived logic of Hellenistic astrological theory, along with animistic theurgy and weekly real-world activities, both magical and mundane, to help you form a personal relationship with the planets (who will teach you well after the class ends). Activities include sky-gazing to understand the rising and setting of planets and zodiac signs, recipes that correspond with the natures of the planets, easy moon-cycle magical rites, and much more!

Lessons are pre-recorded and released weekly for 13 weeks, so you can complete the course at your convenience. Amaya will hold weekly Zoom calls to answer questions and go over charts.

At the end of this class you will:

  • Have the skills to read and understand your natal (birth) chart with clarity and ease.

  • Tap into your unique gifts, as witnessed and heralded by the cosmos

  • Understand planet and star cycles in the real world (not just a piece of paper)

  • Form a personal relationship with the cosmos by way of guided weekly planetary devotion and communication that will help you learn about the planets more directly (and prepare you to dive into astrological talismanic magic in the future, should you be interested)

  • Discover how astrology has influenced and informed magical practices both ancient and modern

  • Utilize moon cycles safely and effectively for your magical work

  • Utilize basic timing techniques to predict your upcoming year and plan for your ripest opportunities, while also preparing for potential challenges

  • Intuitively conceive astrological correspondences for spells, charms, and more

  • Feel prepared to dive into other, more complex astrological studies (such aastrological talismanic magic) with a grounded and actively-lived foundation of relevant celestial knowledge

Course Info

The course will take place over 13 weeks and include video presentations and detailed text documents. In addition, students will receive group consultations with Amaya Rourke through Zoom, and will have the option of customizing course assignments to their specific path in order to gain a lasting, personal experience.

After registering for the course, we will add you to a private FaceBook group along with the other students in this course. We’ve found this is a great way to share your journey in this course together.

Course Itinerary – What you will learn each week

Embarking on our celestial voyage, in Week 1 of Star Praxis we begin by getting our sea legs. Looking at the basic history and philosophy that underpins the beautiful logic of Hellenistic Astrology, how to cast your natal (birth) chart using free online software, the basics of planetary theurgy (devotion and relationship building), and some suggested apps to take your astrology lessons from staring at a computer screen to looking in the sky.

Jumping into Week 2 we immediately begin learning about the planets, starting with the closest body to the earth: the Moon. Luna has been the luminary of the witch operating in the shadows of the night, since time immemorial. We’re going to explore her phases, eclipse cycles, and how to time our magical rites with lunar cycles, according to ancient principles.

In Week 3 we are introduced to the solar king and his non-binary psychopomp: the Sun and Mercury. We’ll go beyond keywords, and learn about the nature of these planets as taught by the ancients and experienced in the here-and-now. This includes hands-on activities to help you experience the nature of the planets first-hand!

Continuing our exploration of the planets in Week 4, we dive into the “lesser” benefic Venus, and the “lesser” malefic Mars. What does “benefic” and “malefic” mean, not just intellectually, but in your lived reality? Both these planets are deeply stereotyped, so our goal is to go deeper and unearth their true multi-dimensional natures! That nature will further unfold for you with our planned weekly hands-on activities!

Ending our tour of the seven classical planets, in Week 5 we’ll investigate the natures of the “greater” benefic Jupiter and “greater” malefic Saturn. Where do we see these planets acting in our day-to-day lives? And who’s the *real* Santa Clause of the zodiac? You’ll be surprised! Once again we’ll look to the ancients and round out our knowledge with hands-on activities to become more intimately familiar with what these planets bring into our lived reality.

Heading into Week 6, we go deeper into the technicalities of the planetary cycles, retrogrades, and general planetary speed. Speed and planetary phase were immensely important to the ancients when performing acts of devotion and magic. It also indicated timing for initiating new things, frantic activity, and when to slow down and rest. Together, we’re going to break the stereotypes and fears around retrogrades and learn how to use these periods to clarify and strengthen our lives.

In Week 7, we’ll dive into a controversial topic: the zodiac. There are several different versions of the zodiac, and each has their merit. We’re going to talk about their differences, then dive into the zodiac of the Hellenistic period and the meanings behind the signs. Using our handy-dandy apps, we’re going to take a look at how the signs travel the ecliptic and rise over the horizon, too!

As Week 8 dawns, you’ll learn about the meanings and indications of the houses that comprise the astrological chart. The key difference between ancient and modern astrology, is that ancient astrological charts represented your entire tangible world! Going far beyond psychological assessment, we find representations of the people in our lives, the places we visit, what the Gods invoked us to become at the moment of our birth, and so much more!

Discovering the dance of the planets is our focus in Week 9. Learn the philosophy of sacred geometry that underpins the aspect doctrine of Hellenistic astrology, based on the science of vision and light! This also includes the alchemy of planets in aspect to one another, and most importantly, what that means for our magic and lives!

In Week 10 we look into a powerful feature of Hellenistic astrology: planetary assessment using basic essential dignity. The Hellenists understood that not everything in life is positive or fair, and explained this disparity with planetary dignity. We’ll explore this concept using a feudal-land-system metaphor, and then bring it back to modern times by seeing how this works in various charts. This is absolutely foundational for those who want to get into astrological talisman-making!

Rolling into Week 11 we review everything we’ve learned up to this point, and put it all together with a deep dive into three different charts. Amaya will walk you step-by-step through reading the chart, and follow up with an interactive zoom call where we can go over a few charts from fellow classmates and answer questions.

Nearly at the end of our celestial tour, in Week 12 we’re learning a basic, but powerful, predictive technique called Annual Profections. This gives us the book title and chapters of our life through a single year, so we can plan for opportunities and prepare for challenges. To compliment our predictive technique, we’ll take a closer look at how to use transits (the planetary movements throughout the year) to supercharge our planning and magic.

Ending our celestial quest, Week 13 is focused on Fixed Star conjunctions in the chart. Considered a higher form of divinity within Hellenistic doctrine, fixed star conjunctions can vastly modulate how a planet behaves in your day-to-day life. How does the celestial light of the divine stars impact your life? How can we work that into our magical practice? We’ll end the class by answering these questions and going on a taste-test of the 15 Behenian stars!

Course Materials Needed 

There are no REQUIRED materials for the course, but Amaya will make suggestions for additional readings.

Course Pre-Requesites 

This course is for everyone!  All skill levels are welcome and the course will be tailored to our students.  It Please feel free to contact The Blackthorne School if you have questions

About the Instructor

Amaya Rourke is a professional traditional astrologer, astrological magician, animist, occult herbalist, and necromantic folk witch. Growing up in the wilds of Wyoming, she was in communion with the spirits of the land, stargazing, and talking with the dead from a very young age. In later years this evolved into a magical practice heavily influenced by her international travels and research into various local folk practices. As she began to develop her astrological practice, it became clear that the revival of ancient astrology was overly theoretical, failing to bring the cosmos and their influences to life. The ancients did not learn about the stars just from books! In creating Star Praxis, Amaya will introduce students to the wildly-alive cosmos, and the stellar influences saturating the terrestrial world in ways that affect our fortunes every day!

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“Learn more about the stars in astrology. So many are talking about “sidereal” astrology, but not saying jack about the actual stars! Learn from a meticulous learner and teacher.” – Sam Reynolds of and International GD Director for ISAR

“I had a birthday reading with my new friend @feralvenefica (Amaya Rourke) today and I am floored! It was amazing! She’s super perceptive, direct, kind, and exactly on my wavelength! To get astrological remediation magic suggestions, right along with the reading? Stunning! Highly recommended! – Ivy of

“I have just had a consult with @feralvenefica and I have to say. Absolutely the best, the clarity with which my chart was explained has given me an insight to themes in my life and blown it wide open. I will be having follow up consults and my Fixed stars read soon. 10/10.” – Ash of

“Ok I literally can’t say enough how much I absolutely adore @feralvenefica. I had a year ahead reading with her back in May and now I had a fixed star reading. TLDR; It was so incredibly affirming and well explained!!!!! Amaya masterfully weaved history and mythology with delineations and connections to my chart and life. All the components came together into a clear story by the end of the journey around the sky, paired with relevant gentle advice and guidance. esp needed for my Saturn return. Fixed stars can go so far beyond looking at conjunctions on a circle chart, and it’s so amazing to have someone with more expertise break it down! Everyone needs this reading!!!” – Chelsea

“I just finished up a wonderful reading with the brilliant @feralvenefica talking about my fixed stars!!! Her talent is truly special, and if you want a history and mythology lesson and an affirmation of your entire life story all rolled into one, book with Amaya.” – Adina

“Received such an affirming and insightful reading on the stars in my chart from @feralvenefica today. So appreciate her generosity with her time and knowledge! Not to mention the added bonus of her experience on the plant path. Always a joy to meet a kindred spirit.” – Jonathon