Tarot Magic: Charms and Spells Utilizing the Tarot

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Course Enrollment is Open! 

Online Course Start Date: May 3rd, 2021

Course Instructor: Megan Holloway

A 7 week online course taught by traditional witch, Tarot reader, teacher, and contemporary folk artist Megan Holloway.  This course explores techniques for effective and concise Spell Crafting utilizing  Tarot cards in tandem with your personal Familiar Spirit and Helping Spirits. We will use the Tarot to formulate powerful petitions, accessing the inherent powers and spirits of the Tarot. 



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Why You Should Take This Course

You will learn powerful and effective techniques using the Tarot cards for Charms and Spells!  Megan will impart her innovative approach and philosophy in regards to Charms and Spells Utilizing the Tarot; you may adapt her unique magical and sorcerous strategies, beyond the Tarot, synthesizing her methods with your particular manner of working.  A specific tradition, or worldview is not required, beyond that of traditional witchcraft, sorcery, spirit work, or ceremonial magic.  As well, Megan will share and illustrate processes and techniques within weekly video segments–from trance work to examples of casting and methods of working. 

Course Information

This course runs for 7 weeks, with a combination of video and textual content.  There will be a variety of opportunities for students to engage and ask questions, within a FaceBook group devoted to this course.  As well, Megan will be available via messenger for any one-on-one questions that may arise (though students may gain a great deal from our group interactions, should they be comfortable sharing their questions in that forum.)

After registering for the course, we will add you to a private FaceBook group along with the other students in this course.  Each participant will need to have their Tarot deck they have specifically procured for this course, and Tarot Magic, on hand and immediately accessible to promptly begin Week One’s rites and exercises–a new deck that the student has not read with is best for the initial rites and processes. 

Megan recommends the traditional Rider-Waite Smith, and while students may work with any Tarot deck they are intimately familiar with, all content (visual and otherwise) will be offered within the context of the RWS. 

Course Outline

Week One:  We will immediately begin with a rite to consecrate the Tarot Magic deck, discussing the housing and keeping of the cards.  Students will engage in a Seven Days process to link with their deck and forge a bond and working relationship.  While the remainder of the course, and content are somewhat fluid, this initial consecration and linking process is foundational to the remainder of the class content and the ensuing weeks.  

Week Two We will thoroughly examine the Tarot cards and their potential uses and associations for Tarot Magic.  Card by card suggestions will be offered for concise and effective Spell crafting.  Magical associations for each of the Major Arcana will be shared, as well as a simple Tarot Charm for a measurable goal, determined and crafted by the student using this week’s material.  We’ll discuss the presence of Spirits and symbols within the cards themselves, and a process will be offered to build a relationship and ally with a specific card within the traditional Tarot deck.

  • Note:  this is newly released material, expanded and beyond her prior Tarot Workshops and Classes.

Week Three:  We will discuss magical perspectives and specific desires in regards to crafting your Spells.  This week welcomes each student to uncover, and explore or solidify, their particular manner of working (or tradition, as the case may be.) .  As well, the concepts of Spirit of Place versus Spirit in Place, will be explored, and how we may leverage and ally with these immediate resources using the Tarot to discern the best map for our Spells.

Week Four: We will explore, and practice Tarot Pathworking in order to fully leverage the intricacies and “hidden gifts” of the cards.  A specific example illustrating the Pathworking exercise will be offered via video content–with guidance for each student to engage in their own Pathworking effort.  As well, we’ll study and discuss ethics and impact, preparatory divinations, and the vital importance of a Spell Log for the effective results-oriented practitioner.

Week Five:  Megan will share, in detail, her process of using Tarot Magic in tandem with Candle work–while she will offer her particular process for candles, the group will explore the potential for nuance within this tool in tailoring it to particular traditions, etc.  Week Five will feature three Tarot Spells as well as detailing methods of disposal (or not, as the case may be.) 

Week Six:  Megan will share her process of utilizing miniature Tarot in tandem with Charm Bags, boxes, and pockets.  Week Six will feature six Recipes for a variety of Charm bags, etc.  Megan will illustrate, from start to finish, the manner in which she crafts this particular aspect of her practice and work.

Week Seven:  Continuing the concepts of Weeks Five and Six, Megan will craft a Poppet that utilizes Tarot, and offer two patterns (to meet optional skill levels) illustrating the endless possibilities of Tarot Magic–particularly in exploring Figurative methods of Spell casting.  Continual efforts as method will be discussed, and students will be welcomed to submit and share their own Tarot Spells, engaging in Q&A sessions within the group. 

Course Materials

A Tarot Deck exclusively used for Tarot Magic and the course of this class.

A bag, or cloth covering, for the deck to reside within.

A box for the bagged deck to fit in, as well as other Strange things that the student may wish to house with their deck.  Stones, bones, herbs, etc.  Depending upon what the student wishes to explore and engage in, candles, oils, herbs and so forth will be utilized.  That being said, the deck itself is most important. 

For our initial process, each student will need the following to immediately begin:

  • A Candle

  • A small dish of local Water 

    • In a separate container to pour from

  • A small dish of local Earth 

    • In a separate dish you may easily reach

  • Incense

    • In a scent you associate with Sorcerous workings and concerns

  • A match book or lighter.

  • Your deck for Tarot Magic

    • Arranged and organized in 5 sets of Cards

      • The Major Arcana, ordered 0-21, The Fool facing up

      • The Swords, ordered, Ace facing up, 1-10 & Page-King

      • The Cups, ordered, Ace facing up,  1-10 & Page-King

      • The Pentacles, ordered, Ace facing up,  1-10 & Page-King

      • The Wands, ordered, Ace facing up,  1-10 & Page-King

Additional (optional) materials for the class will be offered within the first week.

Course Pre-Requesites 

Each participant should be comfortable with general concepts of Spell Casting and working with their Familiar Spirit, or Spirits.  As well, a foundational knowledge of the Traditional Tarot is expected.

About the Instructor

Megan Holloway is a traditional witch, artist, teacher, and Tarot reader–she has been teaching other Tarot courses and metaphysical topics for the past five years, with an emphasis in regional and ancestral folk magic, in tandem with traditional witchcraft. Megan’s content and style of teaching is designed to embrace the class group as a community in and of itself, allowing for the Students’ specific tradition, experience, and comfort level.  This course will offer content and teachings that she has not shared, or published, in other forms and fashions thus far–any magical practitioner of any tradition will find something within these techniques and strategies that they may apply to their practice; most importantly, with strong results!  Megan is absolutely delighted to be working with Calahn and The Blackthorne School, once again, and looks forward to this course on Tarot Magic. 

What Past Students Have Said

Megan is a wonderful and knowledgeable teacher with a warm, inviting instruction style. With her skillful and amicable presentation, she makes the material engaging, exciting, and fun, as well as easy to understand. Anyone who is interested in immersing themselves in the Tarot’s tales, gaining new perspectives, learning a wide variety of Tarot tips and tricks, and making lots of lovely new friends along the way stands to gain immensely from this class!” -Ardelen 

“It was a great pleasure taking Megan’s Telling the Tarot’s Stories online workshop. The course was highly engaging and informative. Megan is a wonderful teacher, making herself readily available to answer any questions one might have. She facilitates and empowers you to find your own communication with the Tarot rather than relying too heavily on traditional meanings or others’ interpretations. I thoroughly enjoyed the diverse tools and activities offered throughout the 13 week course such as Tarot Pathworking, creating Tarot Charms, sympathetic candle workings, dowsing, and Reading a Paranormal Mystery within the group! What I’ve taken away most from the course is uncovering and continuing to uncover my own personal dialogue and relationship with the cards, learning to more naturally and confidently tell the story simply as they are layed out upon the table, and walking away with an abundance of tools in my knapsack. It was a pleasure navigating The Fool’s Journey together with Megan and the class!” -Audrey P.

“The night I met Megan at the tarot parlor, I came home and told my husband that it felt like I’d finally found “my people.” This speaks not only to the type of atmosphere she creates in her environment but also in her teaching style. Megan greets you without judgement and then takes things further as she empowers you to see your own inherent strengths, meeting and accepting you just where you are on your own journey. Building on foundational skills, one is encouraged to step outside the basic framework and tap into one’s own intuition. She shows you the necessary framework from which to begin, and then demonstrates why it’s imperative to jump, because that’s exactly how intuition works. Just like The Fool, at some point you need to take that leap and have faith in yourself. Don’t worry, Megan will give you the tools you need to soar, so long as you’re willing to give yourself a stretch. If you get the opportunity to study with Megan, do it. That experience continues to guide and inspire me more than she knows.” -Kate R.

“I met Megan about 4 years ago. I was very interested in Tarot so she began by providing Tarot readings. She was so talented and had such a unique way of reading the monthly meetings with her soon turned to mentoring sessions. We met several times and worked on not just reading using the “traditional” meanings. She really taught me how to look at card. To use the visualization. Using the art and “seeing” the cards took my knowledge and abilities to a whole new level. Not only is her knowledge fantastic she always treated me with real respect. I enjoy her readings and I enjoy her mentor programs. I would recommend her as a teacher to anyone!” -Karen King

“Megan taught a class that I attended. She was always well prepared, not only with her handouts but with her knowledge of the subject. Megan was very pleasant, caring, and willing to find answers if she did not have them. I always looked forward to the day of her classes. I would gladly take a class from Megan.” -Angela Steinbrecher

When I was mentoring with Megan and learning tarot, she taught me a lot on how to read the cards and how to bring myself into it. To be present in the reading so that I could clearly explain what the reading was about. She taught me how to use the cards together, when card pairs might mean something different than what you might expect. She is such a great mentor and she has a wonderful energy, it was an honor having her as my mentor!” -Sara King