Telling the Tarot’s Stories: An Online Workshop


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Course Instructor: Megan Holloway

Learn how take your Tarot readings to the next level with the expert instruction of witch and long-time Tarot reader Megan Holloway! Explore the intersection of Tarot reading and magic. Whether you’re wanting to begin reading for yourself and others with accuracy and confidence, are wanting to grow in your skills of identifying your own meanings for the cards, are wanting to know tips for making your readings more professional, or want to learn how to augment your magical practice with the use of Tarot this course is for you! Immerse yourself in 13 weeks of study in this online workshop. Discover your own personal dialogue with the cards. As you hone your conversational cartomancy skills, you the Reader  will uncover a new fluidity and accuracy within your Tarot readings. You will learn a rare skill of utilizing and deepening the use of all of your senses when reading the cards. Practical topics will also be explored–the logistics of being a Reader, ethical considerations, and so forth.



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Why You Should Take This Course

Whether you are just beginning to learn the Tarot, or are wanting to hone your skills with the cards, this is the course for you! Begin reading within a week of beginning the class, regardless of your skill level or knowledge of the cards. While working through the traditional Smith-Waite Tarot, you will incorporate hands-on exercises every step of the way. Weekly discussion topics expand and clarify the written content for each week’s documents and topic. Work at your own pace in this online workshop enriched with numerous videos and written instructions.  Develop your Tarot reading ability to a place of confidence and skill!

Included in the workshop are over twenty-five instructional documents, a variety of Tarot “spreads,” individual assignments, and journal work. These will result in an in-depth Tarot Workbook that you the student continue to build as your own story of being a Tarot Reader continues beyond the class.

This material is not for those seeking to simply memorize the cards, or rely on the deck’s guidebook. Intuitive skills are not required, nor discouraged! This process and method allows the Reader to simply read, to “tell the story”–and in that simplicity, the message and content of the reading is clear, precise, and accurate.

For the experienced Reader, “Telling the Tarot’s Stories” will expand and enhance present skills. Megan’s fluid process allows the more seasoned Reader to focus on specific sensory aspects to hone and improve their individual skill set. The Reader’s personal dialogue with their deck will also gain new clarity. The workshop will build and improve upon the Reader’s present strengths, uncovering new skills and areas of expertise.

What Beginning Tarot Readers Will Learn:

  • Build your Tarot Journal with a daily card for yourself–this is definitely one of the very best ways to learn and begin to recognize what the cards signify to you, personally.
  • Absorb card by card interpretations of both the Major and Minor Arcana. Learn widely accepted interpretations, Megan’s personal interpretations or differences, and gain expert guidance for you the student to explore your own interpretations. Develop an intimate knowledge and connection with each card!
  • Experience numerous readings and interpretations via hands-on exercises and group collaboration.
  • Explore and learn the nuances of numerology and the elements as they relate to the Tarot.

    Intermediate Readers Will Learn To:

    • Demystify the notoriously “difficult” cards that come up in readings and learn how to appropriately share difficult information with the querent.
    • Create helpful tools, from a talisman to aid you in readings to your own personal Tarot toolkit of useful resources to have on hand for every reading.
      • Learn how to interpret guidance on Fate versus Free Will, and how to navigate the reader’s burden of future influences within the reading.
      • Deepen your grasp of different types of tarot spreads and build your familiarity both with using each spread in readings and knowing which spread to use in different situations.
      Course Materials Needed 

      Each participant will need a Smith-Waite (Rider Waite Smith) Tarot deck, a large 3-ring binder with loose-leaf and at least six divider sections. Megan recommends the Smith-Waite Centennial Edition. 

      Course Pre-Requesites 

      There are no pre-requesites for this course other than a desire to learn to read and deepen your knowledge of the Tarot!

      About the Instructor

      Megan Holloway is an artist and Tarot reader–she has been teaching Tarot and metaphysical topics for the past five years, with an emphasis in regional and ancestral folk magic, in tandem with traditional witchcraft. She was, in fact, gifted her first deck–and she’s been reading ever since! From whimsical cafes to bustling fairs, she has spent the past ten years with her Tarot deck (and often a sketchbook), discerning and uncovering that which may assist others. Megan’s readings are noted for their practicality and clarity, she invariably focuses on tools and solutions for her clients. This style of active engagement translates into her instructional efforts as well. Megan’s work springs from the hedge between visual art, and divination, and she is in the process of creating and producing her first Tarot deck! She is absolutely delighted to be working with Calahn and The Blackthorne School, and looks forward to this Tarot Workshop.

      What Past Students Have Said

      “It was a great pleasure taking Megan’s Telling the Tarot’s Stories online workshop. The course was highly engaging and informative. Megan is a wonderful teacher, making herself readily available to answer any questions one might have. She facilitates and empowers you to find your own communication with the Tarot rather than relying too heavily on traditional meanings or others’ interpretations. I thoroughly enjoyed the diverse tools and activities offered throughout the 13 week course such as Tarot Pathworking, creating Tarot Charms, sympathetic candle workings, dowsing, and Reading a Paranormal Mystery within the group! What I’ve taken away most from the course is uncovering and continuing to uncover my own personal dialogue and relationship with the cards, learning to more naturally and confidently tell the story simply as they are layed out upon the table, and walking away with an abundance of tools in my knapsack. It was a pleasure navigating The Fool’s Journey together with Megan and the class!” -Audrey P.

      “The night I met Megan at the tarot parlor, I came home and told my husband that it felt like I’d finally found “my people.” This speaks not only to the type of atmosphere she creates in her environment but also in her teaching style. Megan greets you without judgement and then takes things further as she empowers you to see your own inherent strengths, meeting and accepting you just where you are on your own journey. Building on foundational skills, one is encouraged to step outside the basic framework and tap into one’s own intuition. She shows you the necessary framework from which to begin, and then demonstrates why it’s imperative to jump, because that’s exactly how intuition works. Just like The Fool, at some point you need to take that leap and have faith in yourself. Don’t worry, Megan will give you the tools you need to soar, so long as you’re willing to give yourself a stretch. If you get the opportunity to study with Megan, do it. That experience continues to guide and inspire me more than she knows.” -Kate R.

      “I met Megan about 4 years ago. I was very interested in Tarot so she began by providing Tarot readings. She was so talented and had such a unique way of reading the monthly meetings with her soon turned to mentoring sessions. We met several times and worked on not just reading using the “traditional” meanings. She really taught me how to look at card. To use the visualization. Using the art and “seeing” the cards took my knowledge and abilities to a whole new level. Not only is her knowledge fantastic she always treated me with real respect. I enjoy her readings and I enjoy her mentor programs. I would recommend her as a teacher to anyone!” -Karen King

      “Megan taught a class that I attended. She was always well prepared, not only with her handouts but with her knowledge of the subject. Megan was very pleasant, caring, and willing to find answers if she did not have them. I always looked forward to the day of her classes. I would gladly take a class from Megan.” -Angela Steinbrecher

      When I was mentoring with Megan and learning tarot, she taught me a lot on how to read the cards and how to bring myself into it. To be present in the reading so that I could clearly explain what the reading was about. She taught me how to use the cards together, when card pairs might mean something different then what you might expect. She is such a great mentor and she has a wonderful energy, it was an honor having her as my mentor!” -Sara King

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