The Riddle of Place: Bioregional Practice in Witchcraft


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A course on bioregional praxis in Traditional Witchcraft by Lee Morgan, author of A Deed Without A Name.

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It is arguable that one of the most impactful things about the popularity of Traditional Witchcraft has been the focus on local practices, folklore, and bio-regional magic. This is natural because the cunning practices that were absorbed into extant traditions developed in a place, emerging from the Otherworld interacting with an environment with qualities and history.

Whilst it is difficult or impossible to replace organic development with book learning, this course aims to stimulate people to bring their witchcraft into place in a deeper way, to connect with the stories in the land, to find your holy places, to work for restoration of health of self and more-than-self as one endeavour, to build practical survival resilience and reciprocity, and generally become a conscious part of the riddle of place. It is not an exaggeration to say this hits straight at the primary challenge of our era.

We cannot address alienation entirely without becoming re-integrated with the local food and water and weather. This is a big journey, one which is best taken one step at a time, but without practical immersion we are still a very long way from the unity of person and location that old traditions emerged out of. For these reasons this course will not only cover magical methods for alignment but will look at resilience and preparedness in an increasingly unpredictable world. How can witchcraft be applied to our lives to move us from a fragile position to one more resilient of shocks and upheavals?

We will get to the heart of witchcraft: the fundamentals of the narrative and how it belongs nowhere and everywhere, on the fringes of other cultural systems, finding Place as the exile (witches are always the exile and the land itself walking, both at the same time, managing this both/and situation). In the course, you will explore the Other Country the witch belongs to and its connection to parallel or contradictory stories of place, benevolence/malevolence/ambivalence towards the city or town inside the hedges. Discover the story of your place and how witchcraft emerges through the cracks in it, usually via locations for outcasts. The subject will be covered from multiple angles, such as if you live on colonised land, if you live on the land of your ancestors, if you live in city or country, if you have access to gardens and woodlands and if you don’t.

Some course highlights include:

-Deeply integrating the essence of animism: braking down the distinction between ‘things’ and ‘beings,’ and experimenting with beinghood.

-Mapping lines of power through dowsing with pendulum; significant trees, burial grounds, crossroads, places with supernatural stories or happenings attached to them,how and where to place offerings to best effect.

-Lee’s own bioregional story: homesteading, witchcraft and moving towards practical unity with place.

-Finding the Crossroads Moment: moving out of historical time and into the mythic time in which the land dreams.

-Petitioning for and receiving a Song of Country.

-Enchanted Walks: building story with place, entertaining multiple stories about place at once.

-How to make practical steps toward becoming more integrated with the life systems around you regardless of what you have to work with.

Course content is to be released once per week via written modules peppered with audio/video from time to time.

Photos: Copyright Lee Morgan.

Additional information

Instructor Bio

Lee Morgan lives on a woodland property with a homesteading community in the mountains in Tasmania where he is learning and applying permaculture principles and moving towards greater self-sufficiency. Living in a cabin with no electricity and garnering all his hot water from solar and wood from his own property is only the beginning but is all a deep part of where this course is coming from. This undertaking to walk his talk, intertwined with his twenty years of practice in Traditional Witchcraft places Lee in a position to speak to this topic both in a practical and esoteric level. No matter where you are on the long journey home to belonging amid the web of life, whether your situation is close to or far from the natural world, this course will take your hand and lead you deeper. Lee is the author of a number of books on Traditional Witchcraft including: A Deed Without A Name: Unearthing the Legacy of Traditional Witchcraft, Standing and Not Falling: A Sorcerous Primer in Thirteen Moons, and Sounds of Infinity.

Course Requirements

In order to offer the most comprehensive and effective learning process, we ask that students have at minimum an intermediate level of experience in witchcraft. Please contact The Blackthorne School if you have questions as to the appropriateness of fit of the course with your level of experience.