The Rose Queen’s Mystery: Sex & Love in Traditional Witchcraft

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Instructor: Lee Morgan and Rebecca Rose

Course Length: 6 Weeks

In The Rose Queen’s Mystery: Sex and Love in Traditional Witchcraft,  Lee Morgan and working partner Rebecca Rose will take participants through a unique exploration of sex with spirits, other humans, and ultimately the sabbatic act of union with the All. This course challenges and turns on its head the things that prevent us from expanding into our pleasure and power and does so from within a witchcraft cosmology.

You will learn

  • tools to unbind yourself from limiting stories society tells you about sex and your body
  • practical workings towards the revelation of your sabbat face
  • how to develop greater connection and intimacy with your fetch-mate
  • new ritual pathways to sabbat flight, and how you can create those conditions for yourself

Read more about Lee and Rebecca and the full, week-by-week course outline below.


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Why You Should Take this Course

Witchcraft is more than casting spells and altering consciousness, it is also a place where society stores its discomfort, its rejected parts, the Other, the feared and the alien. For a pleasure sharing activity sex has come under scrutiny for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Many will choose to lay the blame for this squarely at the hands of the church, yet this is only one part of the picture. There are many other traditions and belief-systems that try to control the way people have sex, and how they form love connections with each other via taboos. All of this points to the power of sex to create allegiances and solidify unions, but also to act as an agent of chaos, making people willing to risk social ostracism, and break with commitments to experience its transformative power.

The ambiguous power of sex, sometimes able to create life, and at others to spread communicable diseases that must have appeared in the past like punishments from god, makes it one of the suspect natural forces that deeply entwines with witchcraft. Much like death the radical sexuality of witchcraft destroys the barriers between things, when cultures are almost inevitably based upon maintaining these hard boundaries, and placing people in hierarchies of value and desirability.

Witchcraft has always been where the cast-out sexual practices were sent to, sex with more than one partner, queer sex, the osculum infame, and perhaps most threatening of all, sex with a familiar spirit, or the folkloric devil. These alienated practices were suspect for a variety of reasons as diverse as hatred for the organic body, fear of uncertain paternity, rejections of sex acts that do not feed into reproduction, general fear of the daimonic potential of women’s sexuality, and the fear of spiritual contagion springing from the intuition that perhaps more is passed between spirit and witch during a sex act than pleasure…

In a time wracked with pestilence and diseases that were not well understood it is easy to see how practices that place bodies up close, creating what was sometimes called the ‘beast with two backs’, could become most suspect and linked to the fear of contamination, fear of the outsider, fear of the loss of social cohesion and appropriate hierarchy. We still face a lot of these anxieties today as we battle our own pestilence and a tide of rising science denial. At the same time we see more people self-consciously identifying with the witch as outsider than ever before.

During this course my working partner and maiden of our coven, Rebecca Rose and I will offer a challenging deep dive into unpacking the many ways in which our social programming gate-keeps pleasure, and withholds connection. In a time where many are on lockdown and lacking in human touch we will explore practical methods for experiencing (or deepening experience with) sex with a fetch mate or familiar spirit. Though we will also talk a lot about inter-human sex you do not need a partner to participate in this course, nor do you need to be straight, or queer, cis gender, or young – as witchcraft by its nature overturns the valuing of some bodies over others. This exploration of the Rose Queen’s realm is not Tantra, nor is it related to sexual Taoist practices, but is situated firmly in a witchcraft cosmology. It is sex and sex-worker positive and aims to uplift all bodies.

Course Outline

Week 1: The Great Unbinding Before the Rose Queen

Witchcraft by its nature looks discomfort in the face and kisses the hag. In doing it gives us tools to unbind ourselves from the more insidious discomforts we may be so used to that we’ve forgotten to feel or see them. In this first week we will provide some of those tools, and some interrogation also, of the stories society tells us about sex, and think about how we might tell a more empowering story for ourselves. In the spirit of clearing the path and unbinding ourselves before Our Lady the practical work will center on awakening the blood-consciousness, freeing the fetch, and recognizing the ways in which the Rose Queen seduces us and draws us ever onward along the Crooked Path, fuelling us with desire.

Week 2: Deviant Bodies – Breaking out of the Flatness

There is more way-clearing to be found here. We will look at how the human world casts a spell over our bodies. One that makes bodies into flat, visual-only objects that are assigned value and placed in a hierarchy with others, and why this way of seeing the sacred tabernacle of our own flesh, and that of others, is an obstacle to a fully realized witchcraft. The selfie or reflection of a face in a mirror is flat, but the fetch is what we might call rounded, the many-formed fetch has its true face in the one worn at the sabbat. So we explore our deviant bodies- including witch-marks (called deformities or flaws in mainstream parlance) gender-deviating bodies, age, shape etc. The culmination of the work of this week will be a practical working towards the revelation of our sabbat face.

Week 3: The Monstrosity of Wholeness

To perform witchcraft with power one must be able to draw from the Whole, and to be able to locate that Whole as existing within themselves also. Here we will look at the stories told about gender in the day-time world, and how those stories are tweaked, confused, inverted and made complicated by dabbling in Wholeness. We will also experiment with some alternative ideas. Whilst my perspective on these matters is coming from a queer, trans perspective this vision of the witch’s fertile monstrosity is relevant to all participants. We will explore the shifting edges of the self during the sorcerous act, and how this leads to a witch being unable to live entirely within a single identity or mask. This line of thinking zeroes in on the important question of the part others, and Others, will play on this journey towards enriched self-hood.

Week 4: Devotion – The Hedge Wife, Husband, or Mate

This week’s course notes talks about the part Love has to play in the Rose Queen’s dance of temptation, challenge, and reward. Sex need not always include Love in the sense we are discussing, but sorcerously activated connections like that of the Hedge-mate or working partner certainly do. What does it mean to be loved by a witch? How do we hold a partner’s journey into Wholeness in the most productive way possible? We will discuss everything from how shorter interactions, either in ritual or outside of it, can be treated with the solemnity required for spiritual potency- through to long-term magical connections as serious as (or more so) a marriage. The course notes will be full of the benefit of multiple layers of lived experience, crystallizing in one such working partnership that we are teaching from within. As we know not everyone has someone to work with, either for short or longer term endeavors, the practical for this week will involve inviting a kind of intimacy you’d like in your life, whether with a mortal being or otherwise.

Week 5: The Fetch Mate and Spirit Union

Here be dragons… The fetch mate or spirit lover is potentially the deepest connection that a witch will ever experience in life. This intimacy with the Other is often the first place where one obtains one’s gifts. Later it is where one discovers a mind unlike one’s own, and yet capable of manifesting a rare harmony with it, as if they were made to dance together. During this fifth week we will explore some of the deeper meanings and potentials of this relationship and how it can help us to expand into Wholeness. The work here is to invite a fetch mate connection or strengthen an existing one.

Week 6: Sex and the Sabbat

On our final week we will talk about sex and ritual consciousness. Some of what we teach here will have practical implications for creating the conditions for magically activated/ing sex. This can be applied either with a partner or spirit and prepares us for the sabbat flight by unbinding us of image and pulling us from identity into new multi-florations of self. Here sex becomes less about particular intimate acts between sexed, aged, coloured, sized, and ranked bodies of different value to society, and more about connection between the self and that which we would like to expand our awareness into. Sex, this desirous consciousness of the blood, is known as the driving urge behind witch flight, and the sabbat gnosis and must be nourished and strengthened to experience these things at your full power. The work here will build on all the past week’s practical missions, and will prepare you to reveal before the fetch mate alone, and they to you, what face they wear at the Grand Sabbat.

Each week will have both course notes and a video component that continue to be available after the duration of the six weeks.

Course Information

The course will take place over six weeks and include video presentations and detailed text documents.  In addition, students will receive private consultations with Lee Morgan through FaceBook, and will have the option of customizing course assignments to their specific path in order to gain a lasting, personal experience.

After registering for the course, we will add you to a private FaceBook group along with the other students in this course.  We’ve found this is a great way to share your journey in this course together. 

Course Prerequisites

We ask that students have at minimum an intermediate level of experience in witchcraft, sorcery, or ceremonial magic. Please contact us if you have questions as to the appropriateness of fit of the course for you.

In addition, you will need a Facebook account to be added to the private Facebook group.

Instructor Bio

You might say that Lee Morgan and Rebecca Rose are well informed by lived experience when it comes to knowledge from the fringe. As a bisexual, trans man in two committed, long term (10 and 20 years), polyamorous relationships Lee can bring a rare knowledge to the experiences of both genders and sexual orientations, as well as deep, proof-is-in-the-pudding style understanding of what makes relationships work. Rebecca is a pansexual sacred sexuality practitioner, who has trained with the School of Erotic Mysteries, as well as in the Anderean Witch House, and is a long-term teacher of witchcraft, and priestess of the Rose Queen. This is their passion project and the fruit of a decade of camaraderie, devotion, and coven work together into which they invite you to open doors to new possibilities.

What Former Students Have Said About Lee’s Teaching

I took Lee Morgan’s “Riddle of Place” course in fall 2020, and it had an immense, transformative effect on my craft. It was the medicine I needed at that time and I continue to work through the material because, as with all of Lee’s work, it is dense and rich. This was not a barrier, though, as Lee makes the course material approachable and breaks it down into actionable steps. If you are looking for support in more deeply connecting with the spirit of place, with the forces and allies of your bioregion, this course is for you.” -Orion Evenstar

“In the fields of sorcery and witchcraft, one can become easily overwhelmed with all the options of study and direction. I’ve taken numerous courses, read many books, but few have had the impact that Lee Morgan’s “The Riddle of Place” course has had on me. With a focus on animism and interrelation, I would suggest this course for any practitioner, whether they’re just starting out on the Crooked Path, or have had years of experience. This class gave me the tools and techniques to dive into a much deeper relationship with the bioregion of which I’m a part and that has only strengthened my spiritual and magical practices. Lee’s years of experience shine through in each week’s lessons and the corresponding assignments helped to open my eyes and my senses to the great web in which I live and work and how that helps to strengthen my sorcerous pursuits. Lee is an attentive tutor, with the innate motivation to help you not only learn from experience but to take that experience and wisdom to help you build a stronger relationship with the land of which you’re a part. Through this course, you will find the Riddle of Place not only provides answers and solutions to pertinent questions of our broken, modern time…it will help you find Home.” -Josh Simonds,