Thirteenth Night: The Witchcraft of Rindy Sue Gose​

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Thirteenth Night: The Witchcraft of Rindy Sue Gose is “An Occult Analysis of an Account of Appalachian Witchcraft, with an emphasis on the Metaphysics of Diabolical or Otherworldly Pacting and the Spectral Adventures of the Other Soul.”

This intriguing scholarly work by Robin Artisson is an in-depth account and analysis of a tale of Appalachian Witchcraft, collected by folklorists in the early 1900’s. It tells the tale of a Witch who lived and practiced a dark strain of early modern Witchcraft in Virginia- Rindy Sue Gose. 

Robin’s eye-opening examination of this account brings forth evidence that Rindy Sue’s witchcraft was not a mere fire-side tale, but part of a hidden and ongoing spiritual reality that implanted itself in the Appalachian mountains with the coming of German, Scottish, and Irish immigrants. His thoughtful and layered analysis reconstructs the ritual by which Rindy Sue conjured the Devil, and shows how her story intersects on many folkloric and historical levels with the practices of early modern Witches in Europe.

Lovers of occult folklore or the deeper metaphysics that underpin Witchery will gain much from this true account of American Traditional Witchcraft: both insights into the labyrinthine mysteries of historical sorcery, but also practical pointers and ritual techniques that may be put to other uses.

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“The Strange Fire” is a complete methodology of witchcraft for transforming candles into Lamps of Art – potent working tools and centers of sorcerous efforts to accomplish many goals. In this 40 page treatise, Robin Artisson discusses the distinctions between the magical uses of candles, and the sorcerous use- the use of candles as complex messages or signals to spirits who might be conjured to help bring about needed or desired changes in a person’s life-situation.

Each step of this methodology is explained in exacting detail, with illustrations, diagrams and all information needed, as well as the potent ritual for empowering and setting to life the Lamps of Art. Different varieties of Lamps are covered, along with discussions on their uses. Also included in this treatise is a detailed historical and folkloric discussion of the Witchfather or Master Spirit who  empowers such acts of sorcery, along with instructions for ritual and personal devotional acts that can potentially bring Him and the spirits of his Host into a closer relationship with the operant.

Suggestions on how to tailor-fit this methodology into a pre-existing practice are given, and all modern magical and sorcerous practitioners will doubtlessly find much new material to ponder in this treatise, as well as much that is familiar- but given a new and thoughtful treatment.

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About the Author

Robin Artisson has been studying folklore, mythology, and the interior metaphysics of sorcery and pre-modern European preternaturalism for over 20 years. His specialty areas of knowledge include spiritual ecology, prehistory, herbalism and wortcunning, divination, and soul-flight or trance induction, along with a vocational interest in the extraordinary exploration of the hidden dimensions of the mind, the soul, and the world.  Be sure to check out Robin’s popular course, Askion: Oracle of the Underworld

Robin is one of the founders of Covenant DeSavyok, a sorcerous society devoted to the practice of early modern witchcraft and spiritual-ecological exploration of the hidden reaches of the living world, and the Unseen. He is the author of many works on the subjects of Traditional Witchcraft, as well as ancient and early modern sorcery, including An Carow Gwyn: Sorcery and the Ancient Fayerie Faith

Robin lives in the countryside of downeast Maine, near the craggy coast, under the shadows of the mountains and their forests. There, he carries on the relationships he has with the spirits he has allied with over the years, and watches his daughters grow with much joy.