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  • Divination

    Telling the Tarot’s Stories: An Online Workshop

    Course Enrollment is Closed. Message us on the Contact Form to find out the next offering!

    Course Instructor: Megan Holloway

    Learn how take your Tarot readings to the next level with the expert instruction of witch and long-time Tarot reader Megan Holloway! Explore the intersection of Tarot reading and magic. Whether you’re wanting to begin reading for yourself and others with …

  • Divination

    Askion: The Oracle of the Underworld

    Course Enrollment is Open!  Course Start Date:  June 15th

    Learn to create, empower, and perform divinations with your own lot-system oracle connected with the ancient words of power “Ephesia Grammata.”  Course taught by Robin Artisson, author of An Carow Gwyn and other books on premodern British sorcery.