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    Sight Beyond Sight: The Black Man, Spirits of Prophecy and the Art of Divination

    This Hoodoo Hack teaches a simple yet effective approach to divination by aligning oneself with a divinatory spirit to focus and enhance your divinatory practice.

    Sold By : The Blackthorne School
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    Protected: Advanced Scrying Laboratory: A Practicum

    Course Enrollment is Closed.

    Course Start Date: TBD

    Welcome to the Scrying Laboratory! This is a new Blackthorne School class, offered for the first time, working with two in-depth opportunities for esoteric listening, presented and studied step by step, over the course of six months.

    The first three months will be devoted to spirit conjuring and the second, to an internal study …

    Sold By : The Blackthorne School
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    Askion: The Oracle of the Underworld

    Course Enrollment is Closed.

    Course Instructor: Robin Artisson

    Course Start Date: TBA

    Learn to create, empower, and perform divinations with your own lot-system oracle connected with the ancient words of power “Ephesia Grammata.”  Course taught by Robin Artisson, author of An Carow Gwyn and other books on premodern British sorcery.

    This course has a strong text component augmented by photographs …

    Sold By : The Blackthorne School