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    The Strange Fire – A Methodology of Sorcery Utilizing Candles or Lamps of Art

    “The Strange Fire” is a complete methodology of witchcraft for transforming candles into Lamps of Art – potent working tools and centers of sorcerous efforts to accomplish many goals. In this 40 page treatise, Robin Artisson discusses the distinctions between the magical uses of candles, and the sorcerous use.

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    Scrying: A Workshop on Esoteric Awareness

    Course Enrollment is Closed.  Message us on the Contact Form if interesting in future offerings!

    A 6-week online course taught by Harper Feist. Course meets weekly via FaceBook group and videos posted to our website. Some course payment plan options may exceed the duration of the course in efforts to make the course more accessible to many.

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    The Great Initiator: Death, Necromancy, and the Witch

    Course Enrollment is Closed. Message us on the Contact Form if interested in the next offering.

    An online course taught by Lee Morgan, author of A Deed without A Name: Unearthing the Legacy of Traditional Witchcraft, Standing and Not Falling: A Sorcerous Primer in Thirteen Moons, and Sounds of Infinity. In this course we will explore the deep mystery of death, …

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    Ancestral Sorcery: The Blessings of Those Who Came Before Us

    Course Enrollment is Open! 

    Classes Start: Feb 1st, 2021

    Whether you are just beginning an ancestral veneration practice, or you’ve had one for a while: this class is for you. Deep and lasting relationship with your kin in the otherworld is your birthright! And as a practitioner of magic (new or experienced), ancestral connection is a key to taking your practice …

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    PGM PRAXIS: 50 Rites for 50 Nights

    Course Enrollment is Open!

    Start Date: Jan 11th, 2021  

    Make this the year that you take your PGM practice to the next level! Whether you are a seasoned PGM practitioner, or an intermediate practitioner of other esoteric studies looking to demystify the PGM, this course is for you. Join Jack Grayle, author of The Hekataeon, in a year-long online course with one …

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    STAR PRAXIS: Ancient Astrology for Modern Witches

    Course Enrollment is Open! 

    Classes Start: Jan 25th, 2021

    Finally tackle the intimidating, yet vital, occult topic of ancient astrology in a hands-on class specifically designed for witches. Unravel the mysteries of your birth chart, map out your year ahead with predictive techniques, easily come up with accurate planetary correspondences for your magical and mundane life, increase the efficacy of your …

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    Intro to Traditional Witchcraft

    Course enrollment currently closed. 

    A 13-week journey into developing and building a personal practice of Traditional Witchcraft. Taught by Calahn de la Luna, Traditional Witch, Director and Founder of The Blackthorne School.

    Course consists of recorded videos that you can access at your own pace, documents, and a private FaceBook group where you can converse with fellow students, ask questions, share experiences, …