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    May It Please the Court: A Court Case Hoodoo Hack

    This Hoodoo Hack fills in the need for people to learn a step by step process of addressing court case magic through the traditions of Hoodoo.
    Sold By : The Blackthorne School
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    Somatic Sorcery: Awakening the Sentient Body

    Course Enrollment is Closed.

    Next Course Start Date: TBA

    Instructor: Red K Elders

    Online Course Length: 7 Weeks – *Please note that some payment plans can extend beyond the duration of the course in order to accommodate various student budgets.

    Have you ever felt there must be more to experience through your body? That it has some super-senses somewhere that you’d like …

    Sold By : The Blackthorne School
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    Taking Care of Business: Hoodoo Hacks for Business, Luck and Success

    The spirit allies in this course will guide and empower the possibility of workings to support your business from start to finish.

    Sold By : The Blackthorne School
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    Traveling Mercies: A Hoodoo Hack for Getting Around

    This Hoodoo Hack gives you all that you need to weather and navigate any challenges in your travels.

    Sold By : The Blackthorne School
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    Working the Names

    Course Start Date: January 30th, 2023

    Instructor: Rev. Dr. Aaron Davis

    “Working the Names” is a new course on ceremonial magic forms and mysticism connected to the 72 Shemhamphorash Angels of the Zodiac. Not only will you learn lesser-known ceremonial magic traditions of working with the 72 Shemhamforash Angels, but you will also learn to combine spirit-work with practical, results-oriented magic.

    Sold By : The Blackthorne School