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    Hail Hekate: Walking the Forked Path

    Course Enrollment is Closed.

    Course Begins: TBA

    A 13-week online course on Hekate, Goddess of Magic and Witchcraft and ancient Hellenic magic.  Taught by Jack Grayle, author of The Hekataeon. Check it out!

    The course will also have a FaceBook group component to aid in sharing of learning and collaboration with like-minded practitioners.

    *Please note that the bi-weekly payment plan option spans an 18-week …

    Sold By : The Blackthorne School
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    PGM PRAXIS: 50 Rites for 50 Nights

    Course Enrollment is Open!

    Course Start Date: February 20, 2023

    Course Instructor: Jack Grayle

    This Online Course has prerecorded video lessons and written lesson notes that you can view at your own pace on our website while following along week by week with our lovely cohort via FaceBook group! 

    Make this the year that you take your PGM practice to the next level! Whether …

    Sold By : The Blackthorne School