Summer Solstice has me thinking of the potency of this time of year as well as who I want to be and become on this Crooked Path. The energy and life that is ever-present this time of year truly draws one into their practice and provides an alluring opportunity to deepen one’s praxis.

One of my favorite things to do is to guide and mentor folks on their spiritual path. This is a great time of year to rededicate yourself to your studies from a hands-on and experiential framework.

Individualized spiritual mentorship and life coaching can be one of the fastest ways to supercharge your growth and development as a spiritual practitioner. It can be a means to help you reach your goals, take actionable steps to live the life you’ve always wanted, and learn to thrive.

Mentorship can change that gnawing feeling of wanting something more into becoming a skillful practitioner who fully embodies and artfully wields one’s power.

My extensive knowledge and training in the art of personal transformation serves my mentees well in their development. Trained originally as an art therapist and psychotherapist, I endeavor to skillfully and compassionately apply the fruits of my knowledge of the human psyche to my work as a mentor, spiritual guide, and life coach.

My superpower is helping to take people from surviving to thriving, utilizing spiritual techniques, psychological research on transformation, creative modalities, and life coaching skills. Along the way I provide warm & empathic support, creative brainstorming, arts-based and/or spiritual exercises to assist in breaking out of “stuckness,” as well as benevolent guidance.

Through 1:1 mentoring or coaching with me, you can obtain the support you need to tackle your personal spiritual goals, learn to thrive, and become the practitioner you’ve always dreamed of being.


Testimonial from a Mentee

“I first encountered Calahn’s work through her course on traditional witchcraft at the Blackthorne School. I loved the course so much that when I saw she offered one-on-one mentorship, I was eager to sign up.

At that time, my thought was that I needed a more strict or disciplined approach because I felt that my magical practice had plateaued and grown stagnant. She quickly intuited what I did need in order to continue. The advice she gave me on our first meeting, I still come back to time and time again. It has shaped the course I’m presently on and has given me a perspective I didn’t know was missing.

The fact of the matter is that even though my path might be a solitary one, the incredible value of having Calahn to share experiences and insights with, and from there receive guidance, is and has been extremely priceless. I know that where I am today in both my magical and mundane life has been greatly enriched and fast-tracked because of Calahn’s mentorship and presence. I am truly grateful for the work she does for me and for the world.” -Boosya21


I encourage you this Solstice to take stock of where you are on your spiritual journey. A helpful way to do this is by journaling. Some effective prompts you can follow:

Who am I now? Who do I want to become?

What are my spiritual goals as a practitioner?

What do I hope to learn this year?

This year, I’d be excited if I could ___________________.

By the end of the year, I want to help _________________.

I’d measure my progress as a practitioner by _____________.

A place that would spiritually inspire me to visit is __________.

Some goodness or beauty I’d like to create in the world this year is __________________.

Hoping these journaling prompts bring some good reflection as well as motivation for you this Solstice!

For more information, please contact me. I look forward to connecting and discussing ways to assist you in deepening your art and practice.

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