by Calahn de la Luna

Equinox Blessings to You and Yours!
May this time of changing seasons and stirring energy find you and yours healthy, well, and happy.
The Spring Equinox is a time of utmost importance for many types of practitioners. It is a time for planting, usually quite literally planting seeds and also more metaphorical activities like planning and beginning work on projects, works, creative pursuits, and goals.
Called by the benandanti of Italy one of the four quarterly “Ember Days,” this is seen by a variety of practitioners to be a time of the Wild Hunt and of witches/folk magical practitioners traveling in spirit, even joining in the Wild Hunt.
With this raw, primal, and often tumultuous energy, many lay people several hundred years ago would not go outdoors after dark for several days during this liminal period. There were many fears and superstitions surrounding people getting kidnapped by faeries, or, worse, killed, made ill, or going mad due to encountering one of the Fair Folk and breaking a taboo.
Intrinsically, the Spring Equinox is connected with the fertility of the Land and its cycles and stirrings of new growth. It is a great time to pay tribute to the spirits of the Land and familiar spirits, providing grateful offerings for their aid, guidance, and other services.
Spirits love few things more than things made with one’s own hands. Consider creating a handmade offering for your spirits for the equinox, whether it is some hand-kneaded bread, a Mawkin (humanoid figure made of sticks), or other handmade gift.
If you feel the pandemic has worn you down, take time to do something replenishing to your own spirit. After all, we cannot expend infinite amounts of energy without receiving any in return. Doing something that feels replenishing along with your equinox rite is so much the better.
At this first quarter of the year, take account of your goals for the rest of the year. How can you be more intentional and mindful to actively take steps toward your goals? Our classes are specially designed to guide you each step of the way. Taking a course can be a great way to revitalize your practice!
We have a THRILLING spring lineup with several new classes and one new instructor!
Calahn de la Luna
Directrix, The Blackthorne School