The 9-Day Rite

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Course lessons first became available on October 2nd, 2023. For a time, we will offer ongoing enrollment for this course, however, we are unsure how long we will offer this special perk.

Instructor: Jack Grayle

Is Hekate calling you? The 9-Day Rite is a powerful self-initiation into the mysteries of Hekate. Are you ready to contact the Queen of Witches? Over the course of nine days, you will engage in a series of reflections and rites that will gradually bring you into contact with the Queen of the Crossroads on the night of the new moon. 

Jack Grayle has taken the popular 9-Day Rite from the pages of his sold-out grimoire, The Hekataeon, and presents it in an accessible way in videos that lead the devotee step by step down the path that leads to the liminal titan Herself: HEKATE. 

In addition to leading you through the various rites, Jack provides useful insights into the nature of Hekatean magic, including how to apprehend spirits and form a relationship with them. In ancient myths, Hekate is the messenger of the gods, the guard and guide of Persephone, the Torchbearer whose flames illuminate, inspire, and incinerate. In ancient magic, Hekate is the Alpha and Omega; the ghost-raising soul-guide who shepherds the Restless Dead; the Queen of Sorcery. 

The Nine-Day Rite is a way to re-set your magical practice in a way that is effective, powerful, and transformative. For those wishing to form a permanent and lasting relationship with Hekate, this is a great way to do it!

You are able to access your course materials for the duration of the lifetime of The Blackthorne School.


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Course Pre-Requesites 

While there are no course pre-requesites required to participate in The 9-Day Rite. This is meant to be a point of entry to working with the awe-inspiring Titaness Hekate. Please feel free to contact The Blackthorne School if you have questions about the appropriateness of fit for your level of experience.

About the Instructor

Jack Grayle is the author of The Hekataeon, a grimoire released by IXAXAAR in 2019. Having worked with the PGM for years, he presents on sorcery and necromancy throughout the United States. His writings have been accepted for publication by Sabbatica V, Conjure Codex V, and Pillars: Seeds of Ares. 

Besides The 9-Day Rite, Jack also teaches HAIL HEKATE: WALKING THE FORKED PATH as well as PGM PRAXIS.  These are amazing courses that you must check out!

What Past Students Have Said

“Let me start by saying unequivocally that Jack has jumped right to the top of my list of people worth listening to. I got to know Jack when I participated in his Hail Hekate course, which was the most comprehensive and inspiring course in magic that I have participated in. I practically inhaled his book The Hekataeon, which is hands down the best money I have ever spent on a book. If you want to create a sustainable and successful magical practice, or even a functional relationship with Hekate, I cannot recommend anyone better to assist in your learning. I for one look forward to any further opportunities to study with Jack. And I hope that he will be bringing his unique blend of skeptical pragmatism to other material such as the PGM in far greater depth and detail.” -Asphodelo Streggiano

“I have had the great pleasure of taking the first cycle of Jack’s Hail Hekate course. One cannot teach about Hekate without delving into the significant part she played in the PGM and the historical background of this intriguing collection of ancient practical spell work. Throughout the course Jack demonstrated his invaluable insight on the PGM material through a highly engaging and thought provoking presentation. When sharing about his own study process, he said he read through the whole book 6 or 7 times and made copious notes. I was very excited to learn about this upcoming PGM course, Jack is a most excellent teacher and scholar to be teaching this subject, I can’t wait!” -Soror E.

“I am very new to working with the PGM. Even though I read a few books on the subject, they didn’t make sense until I took one of Jack’s online classes (the Hail Hekate course) that draws heavily on PGM tech. In the class I took, he has developed a method to break down the tech into its basic components. He teaches a masterful blend of following the tradition of the PGM while thoughtfully inserting innovation to fill in the PGM’s gaps. The gaps were one of the things that deterred me from working with the PGM in the past. In addition to this, Jack makes himself readily available for questions and resolving any confusion that might come up in the coursework. I now have much greater confidence in approaching the PGM.

Due to Jack’s work with me, I also know when I am not doing PGM operations quite right and need to review what he teaches and troubleshoot. If I had not done this work with Jack, I wouldn’t be able to do any of this. That said, if Jack were to teach a course solely devoted to the PGM itself, I would encourage anyone to jump on it! You will learn a sure-fire method to engage the tech, and it will bring your spiritual practice to the next level. I heartily recommend anything Mr. Grayle offers!!!” -Dea D.

Jack’s classes get to the “why” of the PGM. He places these rites, hymns, spells, and charms within their broader historical, cultural, and spiritual context, and propels practitioners into their own encounter grounded in a beat-by-beat understanding of the objectives in play. His Hekate course has enhanced my practice.” -Morgan Marqués

“Jack’s experiential proficiency in working with the PGM as well as Hekate brings erudite levels of illumination to his teachings and courses. I am beyond thrilled to have participated! Jack’s combined research and praxis elevate his work beyond expectations. He delivers the material in the most enchanting, personal way that supports both excitement and inspiration, meeting you precisely where you are, he holds the torches aloft to cast more light, while still reveling in the shadow, in a shared course-time along the Path together.” -Anneliese Anthoinette