Hail Hekate: Walking the Forked Path

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Next Course Date: Monday, July 29th, 2024

Instructor: Jack Grayle

A 13-week online course on Hekate, Goddess of Magic and Witchcraft and ancient Hellenic magic.  Taught by Jack Grayle, author of The Hekataeon. Check it out!

The course will also have a FaceBook group component to aid in sharing of learning and collaboration with like-minded practitioners.

*Please note that the bi-weekly payment plan option spans an 18-week time period, which is longer than the course length. This is to help make the course more affordable to people of many levels of income.*

You are able to access your course materials for the duration of the lifetime of The Blackthorne School.

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Why You Should Take this Course

Students will plunge into the world of ancient Hellenic magic, exploring and implementing the surprising technologies relied on by sorcerers of Hekate for a thousand years, many of which are all but forgotten today.

The course will take place over thirteen weeks. In the first month participants will encounter HEKATE THE TITAN. By immersing themselves in the devotional practices of the Hellenic world of late antiquity, they will discover the true difference between magic and devotion, and master the strange techniques of divine compulsion, which sorcerers believed could bend the very skein of Fate.

In the second month they will encounter HEKATE THE PSYCHOPOMP by descending into the Underworld to engage in the necrosophic praxis of Hekatean magic, which is nothing less than raising and commanding the restless dead, as revealed by curse tablets, defixiones, and the spells of the Greek Magical Papyri.

Finally, in the third month, they will ascend to the heights of heaven to experience HEKATE THE CREATRIX by defining the dizzying declensions of Neoplatonic thought, and partaking in the fiery theurgy of the Chaldean Oracles.

All weekly classes will include both live and recorded presentations, and participants will be provided with numerous esoteric primary sources to study, to include the writings of Plato, Aeschylus, Apollonius, Iamblichus, the Gnostic gospels, the Chaldean Oracles and the Greek Magical Papyri. Students will receive private consultations with Jack Grayle as well, and will have the option of customizing course assignments to their specific path in order to gain a lasting, personal experience of the Queen of the Crossroads.

About The Instructor

Jack Grayle is a longtime devotee of Hekate. He has led workshops and rituals throughout the US, and has taught at the Woolston-Steen Theological Seminary. His book, The Hekataeon, is a 368-page grimoire filled the hymns, songs, spells, chants, invocation, incantations, and a complete self-initiation in the mysteries of the eternal and ineffable Hekate.

Course Pre-Requisites

We welcome students of any level of experience in witchcraft, sorcery, or ceremonial magic. Please contact us if you have questions as to the appropriateness or fit of the course for you.

What Past Students Have Said

“Jack welcomed everyone to the group and wasted no time getting right to his lecture. For the next hour my head was spinning at the sheer amount of knowledge and experience this instructor had in regards to the topic of Hekate in Hellenic times…. Jack’s lecture was 60 minutes of non-stop information, inspiration, and occasional entertainment. At the end of that very first class I knew I would indeed learn more than I ever possibly could studying on my own….The instructor was thrilled with our enthusiasm to learn and we were just as thrilled with his engagement and knowledge in the course material. With a week between each assignment and with Jack’s expertise we were more than prepared for each assignment and I enjoyed each and every one of them…. This course has opened my eyes to a new understanding of Hekate and each class strengthened my connection with Her as I learned of the ancient Hellenic traditions of Her devotees. I can now confidently apply these most cherished ancient traditions in my modern Hekatean practice. I learned how vital a role she played in the devotion and practice of Her followers and still see that today in devotees who call out Her many names throughout time, history, and all across the lands. ” – Cece Pitts Henderson

“I especially liked the homework assignments… Each week, there was a practical application assignment, which included writing personal statements, performing ritualistic elements, creating art, and more. These were powerful accompaniments to the class, which made it all come together in a very magical way…I highly recommend this class…If it could have gone on for another eight weeks, I would have enjoyed it so much. ” – Astrea Taylor, author of Intuitive Witchcraft (Llewellyn Worldwide, 2019) and the Starlight Witch Patheos blog.

Jack Grayle is a dynamic teacher. His knowledge of the subject matter is complimented by his passion for sharing his expertise. I highly recommend Jack, and look forward to taking another of his classes!” – De BlissWitch