Intro to Traditional Witchcraft

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A 13-week Journey into Building A Personal Practice of Traditional Witchcraft. Taught by Calahn de la Luna, Traditional Witch, Director and Founder of The Blackthorne School.


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Why You Should Take This Course

This course will equip you with all the tools needed to develop a robust daily practice.  In addition, students will dive into the world of Traditional Witchcraft by learning different Craft Traditions, practices, and worldviews.  Intro to Traditional Witchcraft is a 13-week course, guided by Calahn de la Luna.  Begin your journey by being guided with hands-on learning and interacting with the Unseen.

Intro to Traditional Witchcraft is well-suited to both beginners and other learners seeking to “fill in the gaps”.  Practitioners will be guided in ways to gain an invaluable understanding of the weird and crooked path of Witchcraft and Sorcery.

Some Topics Covered

~What is Sorcery? Traditional Witchcraft?

~The Witch’s Worldview & Spiritual Ecology

~Developing Sorcerous Senses

~The Faces of Pre-modern British Sorcery: Dieties

~All about Spirits

~Offerings & Devotionals

~Protection, Binding, & Curses

~Charms & Spellcrafting

~Lunar, Solar, & Planetary Cycles

~Special Project in Sorcery

What to Expect

Intro to Traditional Witchcraft spans 13 weeks with content released every week, with one-week break every fourth week to allow students to catch up as well as deepen their knowledge.  Course content will be explained by videos, text, and conference calls explaining the historical and magical content.  In addition, there will be a private Facebook group to share your experiences with peers.  If you haven’t yet, check out and follow us on our Facebook page.

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About the Instructor

Calahn de la Luna, founder of The Blackthorne School, is a Traditional Witch and practictioner of pre-modern British sorcery.  She is a memeber of the Covenant DeSavyok, a community of strange-souled sorcerers walking the crooked path with an eye to pre-Christian British sorcery and spiritual ecology.

What Past Students have Said

Additional information

Instructor Bio

Calahn de la Luna is the director and founder of The Blackthorne School and is a practitioner of premodern British Sorcery, with some additional influences from Hellenic magic and Sabbatic Craft. Calahn is also a member of the Covenant DeSavok, a sorcerous society devoted to the practice of early modern witchcraft and spiritual-ecological exploration of the hidden reaches of the living world, and the Unseen. Calahn is currently writing her first book, a comprehensive work on Traditional Witchcraft and sorcery.

Course Requirements

No experience in witchcraft or sorcery is required for this course, however, practitioners of varying levels of skill are welcome. Please contact The Blackthorne School if you have questions as to the appropriateness of fit of the course with your level of experience and learning goals.