Singing the Lord’s Song: A Course on Contemporary Psalm Magic

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Course Instructor: Rev. Dr. Aaron Davis

The “Singing the Lord’s Song” course on psalm magic is an 18 week journey into many of the 150 psalms of the Bible and how they can be used to address the challenges of life. You not only learn how to work with the psalms magically, but also how to tap into historically underused sources of power with angels and the power-names of God. This is a tool available to any practitioner, and will greatly enhance your practical magic skills. Come and explore how these ancient praise songs and poetry can shape your reality for the better!




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Welcome to the Singing the Lord’s Song course! I created this class because, for years, I have made use of the Book of Psalms in my magic and spiritual workings, across the traditions I practice. As I investigated things said in the original book by Godfrey Selig, the Secrets of the Psalms (which was adapted from the Sefer Shimmush Tehillim), I noticed glaring instructions and ritual components mentioned throughout that, in all the modern translations of Selig’s book, still were not addressed. This meant all of us who use this text and the biblical book were not making full use of the tradition, and therefore our workings with it were not as powerful as they could be.

There is a reason for this, and I discuss that right in Week 1. Historically, the antisemitic bias of largely Protestant practitioners moved psalm magic away from the traditional Jewish reverence for God’s Word as the essence of God’s Self. With that shift, the consequence was that the historical workings held less potency. As a rootworker, I also felt that many of the workings would benefit from an infusion of Hoodoo principles to enhance them, so you will see week to week suggestions for doing so. Many of the prescriptions simply suggest recitations of the psalm as the only remedy; the tools of Hoodoo ground those remedies through God’s Word to have simple physical links to manifest in our lives and world. Reclaiming the Sefer Shimmush Tehillim’s discarded traditions, enhancing its workings to greater effect, and incorporating it all into the workings presented has produced telltale results in my own practice!

The course is laid out over an 18-week cycle, and we will explore the psalms’ magical use across subject areas each unit. Not every psalm will be used, however. I also discovered a lot of disjointed repetition and overlap in Selig’s book in terms of how different psalms address the same condition. I felt this needed to be distilled to a focused point so workers know what to do, as well as options for adjusting the work for different nuances conditions and problems can present. All of that work has been done! When you take this course, you will have a revised and powerful approach to Psalm Magic.

Weekly Class Outline (by Workings)

Week 1: Academic Studies & Learning

  • Psalm 19: For Long-Term Childbirth Confinement, Opening the Mind for Study and Exorcizing Evil Spirits
  • Psalm 119: 9-16: To Increase Memory and Intelligence
  • Psalm 134: To Increase One’s Capacity for Study in Academia

Week 1 focuses on starting off the class with a proverbial bang! We will use the three psalms identified as keys for enhancing anyone’s learning process in real time. A mental “road opening,” if you will. Dr. Davis will show how they can be adapted to a ritual to bless and empower your learning in this class (and really, any class for that matter!). 

We will also explore some of the history, basic theology and core concepts to performing psalm magic in this Week. This will insure practitioners understand what is essential to this work, as well as what Dr. Aaron has recovered to make psalm magic workings much more effective.

Week 2:  Blessings, Favor and Holiness

  • Psalm 27: To Receive Hospitality
  • Psalm 51: To Receive Grace and Forgiveness After Committing Sin

(pairs well with Psalm 74, Psalm 119:33-40 and Psalm 136)

  • Psalm 62: To Receive Holy Blessings

(can combine with Psalms 32, 99, 119: 70, 80 and Psalm 122)

  • Psalm 92: To Attain High Honors and Good Fortune
  • Psalm 119: 73-80: To Find Grace and Favor with God

This week we explore how certain psalms can be used to achieve and maintain a blessed state, which is key to almost any other working having a positive outcome. Within this section are also psalms for purification after self-acknowledged misdeeds. These purification psalms can easily be incorporated into ceremonial practice to remove any ritual barriers.

Week 3:  Luck

  • Psalm 4: Psalm for Luck
  • Psalm 57: To Become Fortunate in Any Undertakings
  • Psalm 61: To Make Your Home Lucky (New Home House Blessing)
  • Psalm 92: To Attain High Honors and Good Fortune

The week focuses on how psalms enhance one’s luck, which builds nicely from the previous week’s workings for blessings and cultivation of personal holiness. These workings this week also have wide appeal and application, to everything from money and prosperity work, to love-drawing magic. Dr. Aaron will also explore how we can radiate this same energy into our living space, which pairs nicely with spiritual house cleansings.


Week 4:  Marriage, Love and Relationships

  • Psalms 45 and 46: Making Marital Peace Between Spouses
  • Psalm 133: To Gain the Love, Friendship and Attraction of Friends (And More Friends)

The Sefer Shimmush Tehillim (Magical Book of Psalms) is surprisingly sparse on love-drawing magic, but what it does contain is potent and sure to draw to strained people back together. Psalm 133 of this week deals more with general attraction, but together these workings show the utility of the spells this week, which we will explore in more depth during the class.

Week 5:  Child Welfare & Family Planning

  • Psalm 1: Against Premature Pregnancy & Confinement Due To High-Risk Pregnancy
  • Psalm 9: Strengthening the Health of Children & Protection Against Enemies
  • Psalm 19: For Long-Term Childbirth Confinement, Opening the Mind for Study and Exorcizing Evil Spirits
  • Psalm 33: To Keep Children Alive
  • Psalms 96, 97 and 98: For Joy, Peace and Unity of the Family
  • Psalms 102 and 103: For Women’s’ Infertility Issues
  • Psalms 126, 127 and 128: For Childbirthing Protections & Insure a Baby Carries to Term

(compare with Psalm 19)

Week 5 covers a lot of ground, showing the Book of Psalms’ deep concern for the welfare and safety of a child or newborn. One can also surmise the exigency of children’s life expectancy during the time the Sefer was likely written. Dr. Aaron will draw from and showcase a few of the workings this week, to help expecting or young parents to consider how they might incorporate these workings into the first months and years of their child’s life. This section has workings that also contain angelic guardians. These Angels have the potential for more sustained workings and relationships to uphold the lives of the little ones!

Week 6:  Emotional Health, Dreams & Visions

  • Psalm 15: Against Insanity, Depression and Mental Illness
  • Psalm 23: For Dream Incubation
  • Psalms 41 – 43: Financial Loss by Enemies and Dream Incubation
  • Psalm 119: 49-56 To Heal Mental Illness

Week 6 explores our inner depths, focusing on support for mental health and workings designed to promote dream incubation. One cannot flow well without the other, and Dr. Aaron explores their connection and application.

Week 7:  Physical Health

  • Psalm 3: Psalm for Severe Headache or Backache
  • Psalm 6: To Heal Eye Diseases and Promote Safe Travel by Land or Sea
  • Psalm 18: When Being Attacked by Robbers and for Healing the Sick
  • Psalm 89: For Recovery from a Wasting Illness
  • Psalms 105, 106 and 107: Against Fevers
  • Psalms 142 and 143: To Cure Thigh and Arm Pains
  • Psalm 144: To Quicken the Healing of a Broken Arm
  • Psalm 146: When Suffering with a Wound from a Weapon

Week 7 explores the numerous spells that focus on varying aspects of our physical health. These are standalone psalms in addition to the ones noted in Psalm 119. Likewise, some of these psalm spells promote physical safety through safe travel as a key to physical health. What we begin to see, as well, is that health psalms tend to be “appended” to a specific body part, which allows for highly-customizable rituals to enhance a person’s health.

Week 8:  Self-Control

  • Psalm 37: Against Drunkenness
  • Psalm 56: To Free Oneself from Overwhelming Passion

(pairs with Psalms 56, 59 and 69)

  • Psalm 59: Protection from the Jezor Horra (Sin-Inducing Evil)
  • Psalm 119: 33-40: For Restraint Against Sinning
  • Psalm 131: Against Arrogance
  • Psalm 141: To Gain Courage

Week 8 I have entitled being about “self-control,” because many of these spells focus its user on increased restraint, being more self-aware and enhancing courage in situations that require it. Finally, we will explore the concept of the Jezor Horra, which is at once a malevolent spirit and our inborn inclination toward sinning (according to Jewish beliefs). The tools of this unit have wide application, because the lack of control can cause numerous ritual mishaps.

Week 9:  Protection

  • Psalm 9: Strengthening the Health of Children & Protection Against Enemies
  • Psalm 13: Protection from Harm and Unnatural Death
  • Psalm 20: To Become Free from Danger and Suffering
  • Psalm 22: To Keep All Misfortune Away
  • Psalms 24 & 25: To Escape Grave Danger and Danger of Floods 
  • Psalms 26: Against Imminent Danger and For Someone to Undergo Imprisonment 
  • Psalms 49 and 50: Overcoming Fever & Protection/Safety from Robbers
  • Psalm 73: When Going Into Situations That Challenge One’s Faith
  • Psalms 86 through 88: For Transmutation of Evil to Good

(connects well to Psalm 85)

  • Psalm 101: A Talisman Against Evil Spirits
  • Psalms 112 and 113: To Increase Personal Power & Put in Check Heretical Thoughts
  • Psalm 116: Protection from Death
  • Psalms 148 and 149: To Stop Fire

There are many protection spells and workings in the Psalm Book! They cover numerous scenarios, and anything not covered will likely become an inspiration for you to produce out of your own need. Dr. Aaron will explore just a few of these workings for their potential application. This is also one of the weeks where making use of psalmic talismans or amulets is central to carrying on the protective energy raised by ritual.

Week 10:  Court Case & Legal Work

  • Psalm 5: Psalm for Business Court Cases & Business Success
  • Psalm 35: To Work Against a Lawsuit

(can be worked with Psalm 93)

  • Psalms 38 and 39: When the Law is Turned Against You
  • Psalm 120: For Favor with a Judge and Against Poisonous Animals/Vermin
  • Psalm 119: 25-32: Against Lawsuits & Seeking Wise Counsel 
  • Psalm 119: 89-96: Against Court Summons
  • Psalm 119: 137-144: To Enlighten a Judge’s Mind to the Truth

Week 10 explores court case workings within the Sefer text from numerous angles. Here we see the writer’s concern for positively influencing the case, to subtly moving the judge to side with you. There is even a curious spell for doing a working with the Law is against you—which has great potential for those unjustly accused or facing imprisonment. Dr. Aaron will also explore how these particular spells can be adapted for justice work, especially if your social justice advocacy causes you to have run-ins with the Law.

Week 11:  Influence & Coercion

  • Psalm 28: To Become Reconciled with Your Enemy
  • Psalm 34: To Have High People Receive You Favorably, and for Safe Travel

(can be worked with Psalms 47 and 78)

  • Psalm 123: To Force A Servant to Return

(work with Psalm 119: 41-48)

  • Psalm 119: 113-120: For A Favor from a Superior

While Week 11’s list of spells is shorter than most, these spells cover the gamut of situations where you need different levels of intensity, as far as influence and coercion are concerned. Often the differences between these two extremes are the herbs used in the workings and the intention set while using them. The one of some controversy to me is the Psalm 123 working, which we will discuss, analyze and unpack this week. These are the types of spells, however, that can turn tides in your favor in ways that will require less spiritual work in the long term. 

Week 12:  Shutting Mouths

  • Psalm 14: Freedom from Slander & Mistrust
  • Psalm 31: To Escape Vexation
  • Psalm 36: Against All Libel

(goes well with Psalm 35)

Sometimes, when softer methods don’t work, a worker needs to resort to shutting the mouths of the problem people. This sometimes is also not enough, and we also need the means to do damage control. These spells this Week focus on taking control of gossip situation, where lies become the truth and people become besmirched in their reputation before all is said and done. We will also explore how these workings pair well with several other Weeks’ material. Dr. Aaron will also unpack how these workings might be the beginning of a counter-attack, followed by more intense workings.

Week 13:  Dismantling Curses and Crossed Conditions 

  • Psalm 7: For Crossed Conditions and Overcoming Plotting Enemies
  • Psalms 11 and 12: Overcoming Fear and Persecution
  • Psalm 16: Discover Thieves, Change Bad to Good and Enemies into Friends
  • Psalms 41 – 43: Financial Loss by Enemies and Dream Incubation

It may come as a surprise to people, but the Book of Psalms contains workings that are specifically designed to dispel curses and similar maledictions. Many of them have a transmutational property to them as well, meaning they take the incoming negative energy and change it to overcome the problem or transform it into something good and helpful for the worker. 

Week 14:  Vengeance and Warfare

  • Psalms 53, 54 and 55: For Vengeance Against Overt and Secret Enemies
  • Psalm 60: To Make Soldiers Safe from Injury

These two spells in Week 14 have focused and somewhat limited use, in that they are primarily for spiritual warfare and for soldiers actually in wartime. Dr. Aaron will also explore how Psalm 60 could be used in tandem with candle workings in The Master Book of Candleburning, which has its own suggested devotional prayers for a servicemember who is abroad or far away.

Week 15:  Exorcisms

  • Psalm 10: To Cast Out an Evil Spirit
  • Psalm 19: For Long-Term Childbirth Confinement, Opening the Mind for Study and Exorcizing Evil Spirits
  • Psalm 29 & 30: To Cast Out an Evil Spirit and Prevent Evil Occurrences

(can be worked with Psalms 30, 40, 66, 68, 90 and 91)

  • Psalm 104: To Banish the Devil
  • Psalm 145: To Drive Away Ghosts and Spirits

Week 15 delves into some of the most intense workings in the entire Sefer book. What is fascinating is that there are many exorcism spells, but they would be better served merged as a unit of ritual magic and protocol. Dr. Aaron will show how they can work in concert with each other, as well as make sure that the problem spirit does not return. This week’s workings also includes instruction for talisman/amulet creation, enhancing any other magical work being done.

Week 16:  Praise & Panacea

  • Psalm 91: A Psalm for Many Conditions
  • Psalm 150: To Give Thanksgiving to God

These two spells do not belong to a specific category because they either address multiple circumstances, or it is the Psalm used after a working to give thanks to God. We will explore ways these can be used in magic, both in the context of what the Sefer suggests, but also some other, further uses.

Week 17:  Psalm 119: Part One, Addressing Health Issues

    • Psalm 119: 1-8 ALEF: To Relieve Quivering Limbs
  • Psalm 119: 17-24 GIMEL: To Heal Eye Injuries
  • Psalm 119: 41-48 VAV: To Keep Servants Pliable
  • Psalm 119: 57-64 CHET: To Relieve Upper Body Pains
  • Psalm 119: 65-72 TET: To Cure Kidney or Liver Problems and Hip Pain
  • Psalm 119: 81-88 KAF: To Remove Sores and Right Nostril Pain
  • Psalm 119: 97-104 MEM: Against Limb Pain & Arm/Hand Paralysis
  • Psalm 119: 121-128 AYIN: Cure Arms Pains and Left Hand Pain
  • Psalm 119: 129-136 PEH: Against Boils and Swelling in the Left Nostril
  • Psalm 119: 145-152 QOF: Cure Left Leg Pain
    • Psalm 119: 152-160 RESH: To Cure Boils of the Right Ear
  • Psalm 119: 161-168 SHIN: Against Severe and Burning Headache
  • Psalm 119: 169-176 TAV: To Cure Boils of the Left Ear

Psalm 119 has a deep tradition within the Sefer Shimmush Tehillim of how it is used for spiritually treating many different physical ailments, among other issues. This Week we will focus on how it is used to address health issues in different areas of the body—as well as how it can be used to infuse our bodies with overall fortification of health in a “mega” ritual. This is also a week that is more involved, so I advise everyone to take their time with it and if need be spend a few weeks going over it. 

Week 18:  Psalm 119: Part Two (the mega-workings and ritual)

This final Week focuses on what is arguably the most esoteric and mystical of workings within the Sefer Shimmush Tehillim. In addition to the strong focus on health issues, Psalm 119 also conveys significant protection and blessings unlike any other psalm working in the Sefer, but it requires a lot of disciplined work, recitations and being in a meditative state. This meditative state is something we discussed since Week 1, which Dr. Aaron emphasizes as an historic missing piece to psalm magic, which is very important in this work for the final week.

Instructor Bio:

The Reverend Dr. Aaron Davis is a native son of Albany, New York. He has been supporting the Christian ministry since 1996, and it was also during this time that he recognized the call from his ancestors growing louder.

This led to discovering his ancestral home in the African-derived tradition of Lucumi and related practice of Espiritismo. These traditions established the ancestral connection and also taught a healthy reverence for all the forces of nature known as Orisha for The Reverend Dr. Aaron Davis. Life took on a new meaning, as he learned about his ancestors and spiritual birthright. Hoodoo is in his blood. For over 17 years, Aaron has found joyful fulfillment in working the roots while helping others.

By prayer, laying on of hands, and calling the Holy Spirit, The Reverend Dr. Aaron Davis was made Bishop of The Renewal Church (TRC). During consecration, he recognized the Cyprianic spirit in the lineage of Cyprian of Antioch was omnipresent.

He is also a passionate student of the Solomonic and Greek Magical Papryi traditions.

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