Somatic Sorcery: Awakening the Sentient Body

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Instructor: Red K Elders

Online Course Length: 7 Weeks – *Please note that some payment plans can extend beyond the duration of the course in order to accommodate various student budgets.

Have you ever felt there must be more to experience through your body? That it has some super-senses somewhere that you’d like to have access to? Do you want to know more about yourself and who you truly are, the mythic forms that are living through you? Would you like to feel more connection with other bodies –human and also rocks and trees, or animals and oceans, stars – connecting and aligning with creative inspiration and the greater forces that move us all?

Join artist, bodyworker and movement arts practitioner Red K Elders sharing her personal techniques and practices in seven weeks of guided experiential explorations to unfold the myth and mystery hidden within your own wondrous body.

*Course includes video and audio presentations of guided meditations, somatic explorations and movement practices, and an optional interactive Facebook group community!


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Why You Should Take This Course!

Artist, bodyworker and movement arts practitioner Red K Elders is offering seven weeks of guided experiential explorations into our bodies, opening and expanding more of our wondrous sensing capabilities, expanding our capacities for communication with many intelligences and cleaving more closely to the underlying choreography of the cosmos. 

Red will be sharing her personal techniques and practises that she uses to attune to other bodies for healing and nourishment and to access flow states for creative inspiration and divine expression. Each week there will be video and audio presentations including guided meditations and practical exercises offered for you to explore in your own time and space. Also, the opportunity to share and feed back your experiences, and witness others, in well-supported and facilitated Facebook group.

We try our best to make this course accessible for all shapes, sizes, experiences and abilities. You will be supported to move at your own pace in ways that feel absolutely right for you. If you have any questions about rightness of fit or accessibility for you, feel free to contact us.

Course Outline

Week 1: Open Whole Body Sensing

Exploring ways to come into the fullness of our whole bodies, releasing accumulations of tensions that prevent us from experiencing the magnitude of all our sensing capacities. Holding and caring for ourselves through releasing processes.

Week 2: Your Mythic Form

Guided movement explorations to feel into who you truly know yourself to be, in your innermost being, and beginning to discover which mythic forms are living through you.

Week 3: Accessing Super Senses

Expanding outwards through mythic forms, giving them full life and breath, and feeling into the new experience-sensations of being alive in greater bodies of awareness.

Week 4: Many Bodies of Intelligence

The wonder of connecting with many other living beings – human and also rocks and trees, or animals and oceans, stars. Making new friendships and alliances with other bodies. Shapeshifting. 

Week 5: Dreaming While Awake

Focused journeying through movement induced trance states for creative inspiration, insight and deep healing. Especially working with complexity and limitation in the body.

Week 6: Meeting the Gods

Expanding our sense of self beyond all boundaries. Merging with the cosmos.

Week 7: Grounding and Integration

Additional skills for grounding back into our bodies, and integrating new experiences.

Also anything that comes up during the previous weeks’ practices that may need further exploration or unpacking will be addressed in this final session.

Course Information

This online course will take place over seven weeks and include video and audio presentations of guided meditations, somatic explorations, and movement practices.  

After registering for the course, roughly five days before the start date we will add you to a private FaceBook group along with the other students in this course.  We’ve found this is a great way to share your journey in this course together.

Course Prerequisites

None required. Please contact us if you have questions as to the appropriateness of fit of the course for you.

In addition, you will need a FaceBook account to be added to the private FaceBook group if you wish to participate, however, the course can also be taken as an independent study if desired.

Instructor Bio

Red K. Elders is an artist, bodyworker and somatic movement practitioner with 30 years of experience in Eastern forms of meditation and spiritual praxis. She also works with individuals and groups practicing massage, deep bodywork and movement therapies.

Red has many years of experience in creating beautifully held ritually-guided movement spaces for creative exploration, healing, and play. Safe places to feel into our deepest nature, aligning with the subtle liquid geometry of the universe to bring the fullness of our gifts into being.

You likely have already seen Red’s incredible fine art grace our pages! Drawing from insights in her private practice as a deep bodyworker combined with her own explorations into movement and earth-based ritual work, her iconic portrait graphite drawings of Old Gods and Mythic Beings have emerged, infused with their own unique magic. Her drawing process calls forth deep devotional practice, ritual and movement bodywork, facilitating the ability to move seamlessly between realms.

Red is a published author. You can read her article: See yourself through these hands: The moving body as a portal to spirit possession. Working with ancient ritual technologies to create portraits of spirits, gods and mythic beings.