Working the Spirit: The Advanced Art of Rootwork, Part 1

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Instructor: Rev. Dr. Aaron Davis

Online Course Length: 8 Weeks

Want to dive deeper into Hoodoo?  Instructor Rev. Dr. Aaron Davis returns with a monumental second course in his Rootwork series! The course is so in-depth that we had to separate it into two parts!  In Part 1 of this course, Working the Spirit, you will learn how to develop a spirit arcana that is somewhat traditional to hoodoo: learn restorative and baneful workings, how to maintain and enhance your strength with the aid of spirit allies, and more! 

Completion of this eight-week course will give you all of the key tools and knowledge from which to build your own unique approach to Hoodoo. You will then have the option of practicing rootwork for yourself and your immediate loved ones, or to become a professional rootworker. The community we began in “Working the Roots” will be your collegial community of practitioners, in addition to any community you cultivate where you live. 

In Working the Spirit: The Advanced Art of Rootwork, Rev. Dr. Aaron Davis expertly guides you into the world of hoodoo, spirit work, and folk magic, with a heavy emphasis on building the skills you need to become a professional rootworker.  A rootworker of 16 years, Rev. Doc Aaron has drawn from his extensive experience to create a course of rare quality that combines hands-on practice with in-depth study, offering this work that can be truly transformative.


Rev. Doc Aaron welcomes students of all kinds, regardless of race or spiritual persuasion.  He does ask that you have taken his first course on rootwork prior to enrolling.  If you are already an intermediate rootworker, he will consider your eligibility on a case-by-case basis.  Please contact us at if you have questions about eligibility.

*Course includes weekly videos, written lessons, and an optional interactive Facebook group community!


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Why You Should Take this Course

The ability to adapt and resist oppression is the core impulse of this spiritual practice. This is perhaps the most important reason to practice rootwork; namely, because you need a flexible and highly-adaptable tradition that provides useful, time-tested tools to navigate life’s travails and challenges with greater ease.

By the end of this class, you will have a firm grasp on what Hoodoo is, as well as how to apply it meaningfully to your existing practice.

As other teachers in the Blackthorne School have said, Hoodoo is probably not your only spiritual modality. We are all grown folk and able to discern how to incorporate Hoodoo into what we already do. That said, the class discussion forums are just the place for us to discuss and work out collectively where this may not be so clear, which sets us apart from other more individualistic Western traditions. Here in our Facebook forums, we can draw upon this community to find our way.

If you are ready to learn about a great American folk practice that can give you tools to weather the conditions of life, I warmly invite you to join me!

What You Will Learn 

Week One: Introduction & The Black Man, Part Two
My personal story of how and why I went deeper with Hoodoo and how it fits with other practices
An overview of the sixteen weeks’ lessons
Presentation of the Black Man Road Opening Ritual

The primary purpose of the first week will be to introduce the class and its content. I will also discuss another segment of my own spiritual journey as regards Hoodoo and discuss how, for me, it is the “crossroads” practice that links all my disparate practices together, so students taking the class can begin to consider this for themselves (especially if they are considering rootwork as a profession).

The week’s lesson will end with the Road Opening Ritual to once again call the Black Man into your life to guide and empower much of what will be done in this class. It will be important for students to refer back to the lesson in “Working the Roots” to refamiliarize themselves with the Black Man if they have not been diligent with working with him.

Week 2: Attaining Your Spirit-Ally

Discussion and analysis of the Spirit-Ally ritual, the resources I drew from, and the effect this Ally will have on your rootwork

How to “carry” your Spirit-Ally/Familiar, hoodoo-style, and some deeper discussion of the theology behind mojos as “descendants” of nkisi


Lesson Two goes straight away into the first significant spirit-conjuration of this course, of attaining one’s Spirit-Ally or Familiar. This lesson comes early in the course because this spirit will be important in the workings of subsequent lessons. I will discuss some of the history behind this spirit, why I chose it over others, and how different ways the worker can interact with their Familiar for themselves and others.


Week 3: Advanced Divination and Solomonic Magic (Hoodoo-Style)

Brief overview of Solomonic Magic as its own tradition

Overview of how, why and in what way Solomonic Magic was incorporated into Hoodoo by practitioners

Why did rootworkers focus on “material” seals and not the evocational side?

Historical and traditional uses of Solomonic Magic in hoodoo

Performance of a seal consecration by video

Advanced divination: playing cards and Dr. Aaron’s method

Playing card workings and video recording example

Advanced divination: the spirit board and pendulum

Video of board creation for the Saturnine spirits used to conjure the Spirit-Ally

Explanation of using the spirit board to get answers, and why I prefer this method over others

Video of board reading to procure the name of my Saturnian Spirit-Ally


Week three continues spirit-work through advanced divination practices that will be used to deepen your connection to you Spirit-Ally. I will show how to create such a board using simple household items. Lastly, I will demonstrate how to use the board itself to attain the name of your conjured Spirit-Ally. Naming something gives you power over it, and in the case of hoodoo, makes it easier for you to direct the energies of the spirit in workings.


Week 4: Psychic & Spiritual Development

How the Spirit-Ally can help you connect to your Higher Self through theurgy

The importance of a discipline of purification and self-transformation

The benefits of said practice to you as a rootworker

Introduction of the “Prayer of the Familiar” and simple offering as a daily theurgic practice

How you can build your own devotional/meditative practice with this ritual, to reflect your path

Facebook class group focused discussion on this topic

Is an altar necessary?

The traveling altar (incense, lighter, mojo and yourself!)


This week focuses on a seldom-discussed topic when classes such as this are taught. Self-care and personal spiritual development are critical to your practice, growing personal power and ability to help others. This lesson gives you the basics from which to build your own developmental practice to sustain you through this work and life’s challenges. This is also a week where the online Facebook group discussion will be paramount to fully benefiting from the tools of this week.


Week 5: Wrathful Water Workings (Offensive and Defensive Bathing Techniques)

Wrathful?: how this week turns many traditional occult ideas on their head

The insights of Hoodoo for how water can be used, positive and negative

The fundamentals of offensive aquatic deployment

The War Bath

The Toilet Curse

The Spirit-Ally Water Stress Test

The Spirit-Ally Water Curse


In week five we are considering largely unorthodox uses of water that are offensive, sneaky and hard for other workers to spot (without doing a divination reading). This is a traditionalist spin on insights hoodoo has given me in my practice, especially working with War Water. You will learn some of Dr. Aaron’s secret tools to empower these workings, as well as begin to see how the Spirit-Ally can be used in your workings with water.


Week 6: House Cleansing & Protection

Why protecting your house is just as, if not more important than personal protection

The domestic focal points

Doors and windows

Toilets, sinks, bathrooms

The bed/bedroom

Dr. Aaron’s House Cleansing Ritual

Railroad Spikes, “Nailing Down” your home, and the Black Man House Rite


Week six focuses on our home space, how to care for its vulnerable areas spiritually and why this is so important. A spiritually-clean house is necessary for your rootwork to succeed without complications, but this also requires a disciplined cleaning practice. All of this is discussed, in addition to how to place spiritual defenses around and inside your home, with the assistance of the Black Man.


Week 7: Healing and Health Workings

Healing, taken deeper with your Spirit-Ally

Spirit-Ally Peace Water ritual

Too Blue Candles: a simple healing of the mind

Dr. Aaron’s Healing Tools

Spirit-Ally Empowerment Ritual (to assist with workings)

Green Alcohol Bath

Health Tonic


Week seven takes us back to the tools of physical and emotional healing, which we began exploring in the introductory class. Here we are connecting our healing practices with the Spirit-Ally, and also learning how to call on that spirit specifically to assist us in workings. I included in this week some of my own tried and true remedies for sickness and to maintain my physical health.


Week 8: Moving Candle Spells

The philosophy of moving candles magic, versus stationary candle workings

Example and video of positive candle working

Example and video of negative candle working

Enhancements to moving candle workings

Crab shell

Setting helper lights

Herbs and oils

Using your Ally Mojo to increase power

Week eight returns us to candle magic, but to study the concepts of moving candles and how they build pressure on life conditions. Students will view examples of these workings, and also ways in which a worker can strengthen their candle work as they do it. The notion of “fire and forget” candle magic will be debunked as ineffective for a hoodoo practice, and Dr. Aaron will discuss some of the corrective actions he takes when a candle working shows signs of difficulty.

After registering for the course, the week before the start date we will add you to a private Facebook group along with the other students in this course.  We’ve found this is a great way to share your journey in this course together.

Course Prerequisites

We ask that you have taken Rev. Doctor Aaron’s first course on rootwork prior to enrolling.  If you are already an intermediate rootworker, he will consider your eligibility on a case-by-case basis.  Please contact us at if you have questions about eligibility.

In addition, you will need a Facebook account to be added to the private Facebook group if you wish to participate, however, the course can also be taken as an independent study if desired.

Instructor Bio
The Reverend Dr. Aaron Davis is a native son of Albany, New York. He has been supporting the Christian ministry since 1996, and it was also during this time that he recognized the call from his ancestors growing louder.This led to discovering his ancestral home in the African-derived tradition of Lucumi and related practice of Espiritismo. These traditions established the ancestral connection and also taught a healthy reverence for all the forces of nature known as Orisha for The Reverend Dr. Aaron Davis. Life took on a new meaning, as he learned about his ancestors and spiritual birthright. Hoodoo is in his blood. For over 17 years, Aaron has found joyful fulfillment in working the roots while helping others.
By prayer, laying on of hands, and calling the Holy Spirit, The Reverend Dr. Aaron Davis was made Bishop of The Renewal Church (TRC). During consecration, he recognized the Cyprianic spirit in the lineage of Cyprian of Antioch was omnipresent.He is also a passionate student of the Solomonic and Greek Magical Papryi traditions.
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